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Blog Hop: Catch My Fall by Ella Fox + GIVEAWAY

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catch my Fall FINAL

Catch My Fall (The Catch Series #1) by Ella Fox



Mia Reeve’s faith, trust and sense of security were all taken away in the blink of an eye. In need of a fresh start, she settles into a new town and begins to make a new life.

Tristan Chamberlain has always kept girls at arms length and he has no intention of changing. He’s caring, smart, handsome, but he’s also dealing with a lifetime of guilt that’s slowly but surely destroying him.

Sometimes the thing that you run from is the one thing that will save you.

Separately, they’re both free-falling. Together, they’re about to find that love can create the strongest safety net of all.



Catch my Fall Teaser 3



The two of us huddled together over the table as we turned all of the pieces right side up and separated out all of the border pieces.  From time to time our arms brush together, something that was I enjoying far too much.  He smelled amazing, so good that it made me ache to touch a lot more than just his arm. 

Our heads were close together in our position over the table and it was making me a little (okay, a lot) crazy to be so close to him.  I wasn’t focusing on the puzzle at all and my hands had stopped trying to assemble the border.  Turning his head to me, he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out.  We were eye to eye staring at each other, the silence trapped between us.

I saw him leaning closer as his hands came up to cup my face, and I didn’t pull away or try to stop him.  For the first time in my entire life, I really, really wanted to be kissed.  It’s not like I’ve never been kissed before; clearly I have.  But when you’re the child of someone who got pregnant in high school, you get a lot of safety lectures.  Add to that the fact that my father has never missed an opportunity to espouse what a selfish and manipulative person my mother is for ‘trapping’ him and what a ‘burden’ her ‘tricks’ had been for him and I think it’s clear to see why I steered away from intimacy in high school like it was my job.

Tristan’s lips covered mine gently as he started softly before deepening the kiss.  When we turned to face each other fully, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and ran my fingers through his hair.  He tasted better than I could ever have imagined, and he kissed me like he had a cheat-sheet for what would make me feel the best.  I’ve never been kissed so passionately, or held as if I really matter to someone.  Tristan cradled me in his arms like I was precious to him.

We pulled apart at the same time a few minutes later, and because he didn’t let me go, I didn’t let him go, either.  We stared at each other in silence for a few moments, and I smiled shyly at him, even as I felt a blush steal across from my face.

He smiled back at me as he continued to stare at me with a look of confusion as the seconds passed before he spoke.  “Holy Hell Mia… You make me feel… I don’t even know.  Different?”

That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. The way I feel around Tristan is entirely new.  “Right back at you,” I said quietly.



Ella Fox is a thirty-something (not that far off from forty) author who writes like a woman possessed whenever she gets the chance! She is the author ofThe Hart Family Series,The Renegade Saints Series and The Catch Series.

When she’s not writing, Ella indulges the gypsy in her blood and travels the country. Ella loves reading, movies, music, buying make-up, reading Tmz, Twitter and pedicures… not necessarily in that order. She has a wild sense of humor and loves to laugh. Her favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her family and watching comedy movies.



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From Ella Fox

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Black Friday Kindle Book Sales

Friday, November 29, 2013


Here are all the recent deals I have found and wanted to share. The prices listed were correct at time of posting. Happy reading!


All for Amazon Kindle:

A Little Christmas Romance by H.M. Ward - $0.99

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren - $1.99

Beautiful Disaster by Author Jamie McGuire - $1.99

The Black Falcon series by Michelle A. Valentine - $0.99 each

The Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig – $9.99

Corp Security Series by Harper Sloan - $0.99 each Axel & Cage

Damaged by H. M. Ward - $0.49

The Edge of Never by J. A. Redmerski – $0.79

Entwined With You by Sylvia Day - $2.49

Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed in a bundle) by E L James - $7.49

Release Me by J. Kenner – $1.99

Rush by Maya Banks - $1.99

Sempre by J. M. Darhower – $1.99

Shattered Ties by Author K.A. Robinson - $1.99

The Start of Us by Lauren Blakely - FREE

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas - $1.99

Wait For You by J. Lynn - $1.29



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Review: Tangled (Tangled #1) by Emma Chase

Tangled Red Cover
Tangled (Tangled #1) by Emma Chase

Cover Reveal: Drew + Fable Forever by Monica Murphy

Drew   Fable

Drew + Fable Forever (Drew + Fable #3.5)

by Monica Murphy

Release Date: January 24, 2014



Monica Murphy returns with her most beloved characters, Drew and Fable, in this eBook original short story that brings her bestselling New Adult series full circle.

Fantasy. How I ended up with NFL player Drew Callahan, the guy every woman wants, is beyond my wildest dreams. All I know is that once he chose me as his one and only, I sure wasn’t looking back. I had past wounds and he showed patience and concern—even accepting responsibility for my messed-up kid brother. Now, yet again, he's found a way to blow my mind: an exotic wedding and honeymoon miles and miles away from home. What else could a girl ever ask for?

Reality. Except now the honeymoon’s over. Drew's football schedule takes him on the road constantly, while I need to stay put and look after my brother until he finishes high school—because God knows our sorry excuse for a mother won’t. I know Drew loves me with all his heart, and I’ll always be over the moon about him. This just isn’t how I imagined life as newlyweds . . . dealing with the distance, missing him constantly. But we’ve gone through hard times before. We can get through this, too, right? We’re Drew and Fable, together forever. At least I hope so. . . .



“We should check out Ocean Avenue tomorrow,” Drew whispers close to my ear, amusement tingeing his deep voice.

“What? Are you serious?” Even though I’ve come to terms with being here, it doesn’t mean I want to linger and make it a serious vacation. Besides, Drew needs to get back home so he can resume practice.

“Well yeah, remember the spot where we kissed?” His eyes are warm as they search my face, filled with so much love I feel my heart swell.

“Yes,” I whisper achingly. “Of course I remember.”

“I want to go back there.” He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, his index finger lingering on my skin. “I want to kiss you again in that little alley and remember how wet we were from the rain. How nervous I was. I was scared you might reject me.”

I’d felt the same way. We’d dealt with much of the same feelings and fears and hadn’t even known it.

“I want to take you to that store where you got the dress that just about killed me and buy you whatever you want,” he continues, his fingers drifting across my jaw. My eyes flutter closed as memories rush back at me. “I want to sit outside the dressing room and have you come out to show me every single thing you’re trying on.”

That he remembers all the little details sends a thrill of pleasure spiraling to the very depths of my soul.

“And then I want to wander off for a bit and let you do whatever you want, secretly hoping that you’ll send me a text that says marshmallow. Though if you don’t that’s okay because I’ll send you one instead.” He offers up a crooked smile and the sight of it cracks my heart wide open, overflowing with so much pure love for him I want to cry. “Because we made a deal. Whenever we see or hear that word, the other comes running. I’ll always be the one to rescue you, Fable. You never have to worry about that.”



MonicaMurphypic-250x373New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.



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Review: REMY (Real #3) by Katy Evans

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
REMY by Katy Evans
REMY (Real #3) by Katy Evans

Underground fighter Remington Tate is a mystery, even to himself. His mind is dark and light, complex and enlightening. At times his actions and moods are carefully measured, and at others, they spin out of control.

Through it all, there's been one constant: wanting, needing, loving, and protecting Brooke Dumas. This is his story; from the first moment he laid eyes on her and knew, without a doubt, she would be the realest thing he's ever had to fight for.

4.5 out of 5 stars

I knew once I started this book I wouldn’t be able to put it down and that’s exactly what happened. Loved it!

REMY was an intense, emotional story and I felt like I was falling in love with him all over again. I understood him even more since everything was from his point of view. That being said, Remy is a man of few words so a part of me excepted his inner dialoged to be a bit more in depth. His devotion and love for Brooke is undeniable, they’re great together and have off the charts chemistry. He and Brooke share some hot scenes and you could seriously feel a build up of sexual tension from Remy.

Even though scenes from REAL and MINE are revisited, I thought the story seemed fresh and not rehashed. The final scenes from the first two books from his POV had me on the edge of my seat, knowing his thoughts made everything more intense and put things in a whole different perspective. I was very heart-in-throat-can’t-read-fast-enough. The majority of this story covers REAL, but I would have liked a bit more from MINE. I wanted to know more about Remy when he and Brooke were apart. I also would have loved to know Remy’s perspective of Brooke and Melanie dressed up at a fight, that would have been awesome from his POV (I thought it was a seriously funny scene!). That might be the selfish part of me though because I can’t seem to get enough.

Knowing Remy’s feelings and emotions made everything so much more heart felt. I swear my own emotions doubled. Watching him fight to stay blue and seeing him change to black was really intense. It’s like you could feel the change in his thoughts within the writing because of the change in him. 
This story goes back and forth between present and past, something I really enjoyed. I loved the present day story – I was all, happy happy joy joy! There was a bit at the end that’s from Brooke’s POV and I thought that was a nice addition as well. I also loved Brooke’s gift to Remy. Perfect!

I thought this was a fast paced story, full of emotion, intensity, and sexual chemistry. Even though the speaking dialogue was the same, I found myself just as invested. This book made me love the first two books even more. Remy fought for what he wanted, so much more than I ever could have imagined. Excellent story! I loved it! Loved Remy! I will forever be a fan of author Katy Evans. :-)

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Click on the link below to check out the awesome giveaway from author Katy Evans for a chance to win an iPad Mini, one of 25 autographed copies of Mine, or one of 20 autographed mini boxing gloves. Ends 12/1/2013.

I think the REAL series is AMAZING and have also read the first two books. To check out my reviews for those books, please click on the links below.

Cover Reveal: Tousle Me: A New Adult Parody by Lucy V. Morgan


Tousle Me: A New Adult Parody by Lucy V. Morgan

Publication Date: December 13, 2013



He’s exquisitely hot. Exquisitely tousled. Exquisitely screwed in the head.

Cammibelle Hicks just wants to survive her first year of college. Desperate to forget her troubled past, she throws herself into her degree and book review blog. So what if her life is one long tumblr page of grumpy cat GIFs? She doesn’t need to get out more, and she definitely doesn’t need a man.

Hunter von Styles approaches life like he’s spoiling for a fight: with a tempting scowl. A cage-fighting, ex-rocker billionaire, it’s unclear why Hunter’s at college. Frankly, it makes no sense. Then Cammie falls into him—literally—at a party, and he’s obsessed. He needs her more than a moist towelette at a barbecue.

Though Cammie’s friends warn her against Hunter, she can’t resist his charms; especially not when he buys her shoes. And GoodReads. And a unicorn. But when her handsome best friend, medieval reenactor Archer Riddick, makes a play for her heart—and challenges Hunter to a jousting match—it turns out that Hunter has demons of his own. Demons that aren’t real ones, but metaphorical ones—which are MUCH WORSE, when you think about it…

Join Hunter and Cammie on an emotionally exhausting journey into love.

And co-dependence.

And probably therapy.


about-the-author_thumb2Lucy_1Lucy writes sharp contemporary fiction, usually with a liberal splatter of filth. She is a Lyrical Press author, an editor and a screenwriter.

Her new adult novel, TWISTED SUMMER, is a gutsy take on forbidden love starring an even gutsier heroine.

Her contemporary series, encompassing CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED and THE WHORED'S PRAYER, features slick London lawyers with a penchant for sensual violence. BEAUTIFUL MESS, her romantic comedy novella, is a snarky, sexy friends-to-lovers romp.

In TOUSLE ME: A New Adult Parody, Lucy pays homage to the books she loves in the best way she knows mocking them mercilessly.

Lucy lives amid a graveyard of scented candles and half-read books. She's still trying to kick her dirty Pepsi habit.



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Review: A Little Christmas Romance by H. M. Ward

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Little Christmas Romance

A Little Christmas Romance by H. M. Ward



A Short New Adult Christmas Romance by New York Times Bestselling Author H.M. Ward

There’s no such thing as second chances, and Brooke would know. This Christmas will be spent alone and uncelebrated, same as the last. It doesn’t matter that she’s a disgruntled mall elf, standing next to a chimney-scented Santa with the most annoying co-worker ever. It doesn’t make Christmas more magical. It’s just another day to endure, and the holiday can’t pass fast enough. That is, until her old flame, Chris, spots her.

After taking a picture with Brooke in her elf costume, things take an unexpected turn. Maybe getting through the night won’t be so difficult after all.



4 out of 5 stars

This novella was a fun, fast read and I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters Brooke and Chris a lot and enjoyed them reconnecting.  I thought how they ran into each other was really cute and I enjoyed their flirty banter.

There was just the right amount of sweet mixed in with heartfelt emotion. Chris was just adorable and I loved them together, great chemistry. This is definitely a feel good book that contains a sweet, entertaining story that leaves you feeling happy. :-)

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.



H. M. Ward | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo


Blog Tour: REMY (Real #3) by Katy Evans + GIVEAWAY

Sunday, November 24, 2013

REMY by Katy Evans

REMY (Real #3) by Katy Evans



Underground fighter Remington Tate is a mystery, even to himself. His mind is dark and light, complex and enlightening. At times his actions and moods are carefully measured, and at others, they spin out of control.

Through it all, there's been one constant: wanting, needing, loving, and protecting Brooke Dumas. This is his story; from the first moment he laid eyes on her and knew, without a doubt, she would be the realest thing he's ever had to fight for.



We go toe-to-toe. I feint and Hammer swings, opening his side. So I jab his ribs, feel the satisfying punch race up my arm, and we bounce apart. Hammer is stupid in the head. He falls for all my feints and never covers right. I ram him hard enough to make him bounce on the ropes and drop to his knees. He shakes his head and hops to his feet after a moment. I love this. My heart pumps slowly. My every muscle knows where to move, what to do, where to send my power—right from my center, up my chest, shoulder, down the length of my arms, to the tips of my f*cking knuckles that hit with the force of a charging bull.

I take him down, and then I do the same with the next foe. And the next.

A powerful energy takes over me as I fight, and I fight knowing that Brooke Dumas watches me. If there’s anything in my head other than winning, it’s that I want her to think inside that lovely round head of hers that she has never, ever, seen a man like me.

By the time the tenth guy falls, sweat coats my chest, and as the ringmaster raises my arm, I’m anxious to see the look in her eyes. I want to see that she liked it, that she—like everyone else in this room—thinks I’m the shit. Our eyes lock, my gut goes hard and twisted and wild with desire, and I smile at her as I try to catch my breath.

When the ringmaster releases my arm, I cross the ring, jump over the cord, and land in the aisle, watching her part her lips in shock as I come over.

People go crazy when I go outside the ring, and they’re losing their shit right now.

The whole room screams with their applause and cheers. And I know they all can see where my gaze rests and where I’m headed.

“Kiss his heart out, woman!”

“You don’t deserve him, you bitch!”

“You go, girl!”

I smile down at this woman who has stolen my thoughts, and as I wonder if she wants me to, she looks pleadingly up at me, almost begging me not to kiss her here. My blood simmers as I remember her lips on mine, but it won’t be happening again.

Not until you’re ready, Brooke Dumas.

I bend to her and scent her hair, whispering at her temple, “Sit tight. I’ll send someone over for you.”

I back off before I lose it, and climbing up into the ring, I steal one last look at her. My chest does all kinds of strange things when our eyes lock.

“Riptide, people!” the announcer screams.

The yells feed me. I suck them in with a smile, full of pride and satisfaction. I can see in every one of these people’s eyes that I’m the man. But I want to see it in her eyes. That. I’m. The Man.

The man who wants to be hers.



Katy EvansHey! I’m Katy Evans and I love family, books, life, and love. I’m married with two children and three dogs and spend my time baking, walking, writing, reading, and taking care of my family. Thank you for spending your time with me and picking up my story. I hope you had an amazing time with it, like I did. If you’d like to know more about books in progress, look me up on the Internet, I’d love to hear from you!



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