Review: The Professional: Part 1 by Kresley Cole


The Professional: Part 1 by Kresley Cole




From #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes The Game Makers; a scorching new erotica series about a young woman desperate to uncover the mysteries of her past and the hitman bound to protect her.

From an opulent palace in Russian, to the wicked playgrounds of the mega-wealthy in Paris, to the sultry beaches of Spain, the two lovers will discover that even their most intimate—and forbidden—fantasies can come true…



4 star out of 5 stars

Mystery, intrigue, and hotness right off the bat! I really liked this story and was immediately hooked! I like both of the main characters Natalie Philips and Aleksandr "The Siberian" Sevastyan. Natalie’s a spitfire and has a bit of an attitude – my kind of girl. Sevastyan is wickedly sexy and domineering and they have major chemistry.

They are so drawn to one another though Sevastyan seems angry with himself that he is. They share an EXTREMELY HOT SCENE! Whew!  He is controlling and likes to be in charge. He is a very intense character with lots of layers and I want to know more. Natalie is taking everything in stride. I think she is to accepting at times of this crazy situation she was thrown in but I’m glad she’s trying to remain true to herself.

This is book one in a three part series. By 80% I had a good feel for the main characters (they were likable and intriguing) and I thought the other characters were introduced well. The story was laid out nicely and I enjoyed how it was told. There was a nice build and I'm excited for what comes next. This story ends in a cliffhanger but I assumed it would since it is a three part-er. I can’t wait for book two because I’m dying to know what happens next… I have a ton of questions.

I’m invested, drawn in, and waiting impatiently for book two!

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