Review: An Ounce of Hope (A Pound of Flesh #2) by Sophie Jackson

A Pound of Flesh was one of my favorite reads of 2015 so to say I was excited about the next book in the series is an understatement. Sophie Jackson did not disappoint, once again I am blow away! An Ounce of Hope was a perfect read for me!


An Ounce of Hope 

An Ounce of Hope (A Pound of Flesh #2)
by Sophie Jackson




From the fanfic phenom whose debut A Pound of Flesh had over 4.5 million reads, this sequel, An Ounce of Hope, tells the passionate love story of Carter’s best friend, Max.


Max O’Hare can’t seem to let go of his past: his drug habit, the end of his relationship with Lizzie Jordan, the woman he knows he’ll never get over, and the loss of their unborn son.


After successfully completing rehab and learning to explore his deepest fears and dreams through painting, Max meets Grace Brooks. With her innate optimism, and her love of art and photography, Grace appears to be the perfect girl. Yet no one knows where she came from, or why she keeps her past so closely guarded. Over time, Max and Grace gradually allow each other in—but will he ever be able to fully let go of his past? Or will his heart remain closed forever?




5 out of 5 stars


Such a beautiful story! Hope, redemption, healing. It was so wonderful. There was this perfectly paced, incredible build throughout that had me drawn in, I couldn't stop reading. I swear sometimes I even held my breath because there was so much emotion and intensity. Just incredible!


Max and Graced were these flawed and scarred characters and I loved, loved, LOVED their growth throughout. Great character development. Learning the details of their stories was really emotional, it was like I was right there with them. Sophie Jackson did this truly incredible job making me feel it all. I loved them meeting and their interactions. The building of a friendship and trust. There were so many nice moments of intimacy as they become closer, it was heartbreakingly beautiful. This build between the two of them was awesome. They have a very passionate and sensual connection, when it uncoils, I could feel it.


The story itself was well crafted with excellent writing. The build, oh man, I thought the build and the progression was perfect. Their friendship building, the chemistry  between the two growing, the details learned, the timing was just right. It was emotional and heartbreaking, the perfect amount of tension and drama. I was so pulled in with every word. Every secret revealed, every development. Such a wonderful story full of hope.


The bond that Max has with Carter and Riley plus the new relationships formed are also pretty fantastic. I love real man bonding in a book, the kind that makes your gut twist because there is so much meaning behind it. It really was awesome. I'm totally curious about Riley and his story. So excited to read his book next in A Measure of Love.


Amazing story. I feel like I'm repeating myself but it was excellent. All the details came to light at just the right time, it was steady, giving me just what I needed, when I need it. I cannot say enough positive things. A must read!


Complimentary copy received for honest review.




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