Review: Dominate Me (Luminous #1) by Stacey Lynn

If you’re in the mood for a smoking hot read, it’s safe to say that this book will fit the bill. It’s super sexy with great characters and a fantastic story. Enjoy!



Dominate Me

Dominate Me (Luminous #1) by Stacey Lynn 




Welcome to Luminous: where your pleasure is our purpose. Fan-favorite author Stacey Lynn tantalizes readers with a sensual new series.


The first time I felt Master Jensen's presence beside me, I knew he would be the one to show me all the kinky pleasures of Luminous.

That I would give my body to him. Begin my journey to sexual freedom at his feet.

But when I dared raise my eyes to his, I saw he would get a part of me no man had had before: my trust.


From the instant I saw her blush, I was captivated.

There was power in her innocence—a power I quickly controlled.

Every moan, every cry, every new awakening was mine. I pushed her boundaries and watched her sexual confidence grow…knowing that in the end, I would have to let her go.

I know the price of love and I'm not willing to pay it.

I dominated her body and she enthralled my heart. But I have to walk away before I ruin the one I love.





5 out of 5 stars

I was in the mood for a hot read and Dominate Me had just landed on my Kindle so I decided I'd give it a try. I've not read this author before and had no idea what to expect. New fan, right here! This was so much more than a hot read (don't get me wrong, it was way hot!) but more than that it was an incredible story with these fantastic characters with real depth and emotion and I loved every single second of it.


I loved these characters, Jensen and Haley were fantastic. Haley was just this really strong woman out to explore more of herself and I loved her strength and confidence. Jensen was commanding and sweet all rolled into one and I loved how they clicked so instantly and the bond that formed between them. Not only was there an incredible sexual exploration happening but there was this wonderful, heartfelt story of trust and love woven in. There are histories from their past to deal with and a bit of drama mixed in but it was all just perfectly intertwined. I felt fully invested in these characters and enjoyed their journey and their growing commitment.


The writing was so great. There was a wonderful pace and I loved all the details. Great character development. Awesome build. Seriously steamy, kinky sex scenes that were very well written. The scenes could be intense and emotional and sex does play a big part in the story, but I thought all the scenes made total sense and had purpose to this emotional journey that was happening. There was a true love story building an I thought it was all fantastic.


Sex. Love. Exploration. Trust. Love. Dominate Me was an excellent read that I couldn't put down. It was exciting, entertaining, incredibly hot, full of passion and love. Loved it!




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