Review: Rode Hard (Rough Riders #2) by Lorelei James

Wow! Another hot read in the Rough Riders series down. Fun, entertaining, and super steamy! This story was a blast to read!



Review: Rode Hard (Rough Riders #2) by Lorelei James | About That Story 

Rode Hard (Rough Riders #2) by Lorelei James 


Workin’ up a hot, sticky sweat is pure pleasure with a hard-ridin’ cowboy….

Widowed, struggling stock contractor Gemma Jansen swallows her pride and tracks down former bull rider Cash Big Crow to offer him a job managing her ranch. Cash agrees on one condition: it won’t be a strictly working relationship. She’s the boss during the day, but once she’s corralled in the bedroom, Cash calls the shots.

Meanwhile, Carter McKay is spending his summer at the Bar 9 Ranch preparing for an art show. But he’s definitely not prepared for the immediate visceral connection he feels to Cash’s sexy and sassy daughter Macie Honeycutt. Lust flares between them and Macie proves she’s up for any dirty fun and games that sweet and wild Carter dreams up.

Gemma struggles with her feelings for Cash–except this time, Cash has grabbed the bull by the horns. He has to convince Gemma he’s playing for keeps.

The more time Macie spends with Carter the harder she falls for him. But will the brooding artist understand that trust is just as important as love?

It’s going to be a long, hot summer in Wyoming.

Warning: this book contains explicit sex nine ways ’til Sunday, inventive rope play, graphic language, ménage a trois, and all sorts of fun and kinky cowboy stuff.

(Previously released from Samhain Publishing in 2007 as Rode Hard, Put Up Wet)


4 out of 5 stars

This was really fun to read, extremely entertaining, and smoking HOT! The Rough Riders series is my new addiction!

This story focuses on two couples, Cash and Gemma and Carter and Macie. I loved Cash and Gemma's story and the second chance at love theme they had going on. It was sweet and endearing. I enjoyed Carter and Macie’s story as well, they had an instant lust thing happening that was hot and intense at times. There are ups and downs for both couples, issues to deal with, a bit of emotion and vulnerability and I liked it all. I also enjoyed the connecting stories happening between them, Cash getting to know his daughter, Macie connecting with Gemma, and the conflict between Carter and Cash. There were just so many little things happening that made it a great story and I liked how it tied together.

I loved that this was a light, sexy read. Not to taxing but it had just the right amount of detail and depth to keep you hooked. There's good character development, a decent pace, and solid stories happening. Of course the heat is off the charts. It’s smoking hot with a bit of kink and eroticism thrown into the mix. You will not be disappointed when it comes to the sexy times.

I liked the main characters well enough but everyone seemed to have a moment where I just wanted to smack them while they were working through their issues. They got there in the end and there were HEAs for everyone which left me super happy. I really enjoyed seeing other members in the McCay clan as well, getting me excited for more of the series.

This was just a great read! An entertaining, sexy-time story with fun scenes and likable characters. I can't get enough of the McCay’s!


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I’m two books into the Rough Rider series and really enjoying it. Do you have a favorite light and sexy series? Let me know!

Review: Rode Hard (Rough Riders #2) by Lorelei James | About That Story


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