Book Review: The Last One You Loved by LJ Evans

This story was so sweet and filled with so much emotion. I loved McKenna and Maddox reconnecting and meeting his adorable little girl. The Last One You Loved is a great second chance romance!

Book Review: The Last One You Loved by LJ Evans
The Last One You Loved by LJ Evans


Between my badge, my daughter, and my hometown, I’ve got a busy life. It’s a mostly happy one. But late at night, when the house is quiet, I still see her face. McKenna may have left me and this town behind a decade ago, but a century wouldn’t be long enough to get over her.

There’s only one thing worse than never seeing her again. If she came back, the secret I’ve been keeping would destroy lives. Mine included. As long as she stays gone, everyone is safe.


When my world catches fire, destroying the dreams I’ve sacrificed so much for, there’s only one place I can think to go. One man I can run to. But going back is no homecoming. Sheriff Maddox Hatley hasn’t forgotten me. And he sure hasn’t forgiven me either.

He’s hiding something beneath all that anger. I’m going to stick around until I find out what it is.

Inspired by Jon Pardi’s “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” and Lee Brice’s “Memory I Don’t Mess With,” this second-chance, single-dad, forced-proximity love story will tug at your soul, make you laugh and cry, and leave you with a smile on your face.

4 out of 5 stars

The Last One You Loved was such a wonderful, heartfelt story filled with so much hope and healing. I loved learning all about Maddox and McKenna and watching them reconnect and fall in love all over again. This was a fantastic second chance romance!

McKenna and Maddox were really great characters. I felt for McKenna as I learned about her heartbreaking and abusive past. I liked how hard she worked to make something of her life and help others. Maddox had a heart of gold. I loved who he was, what he stood for, and all he did for his family and daughter. Their history runs deep and I loved learning the ins and outs. I understood the conflict and pain about their past and the tension when they meet again, there were some gut-wrenching moments involved. I loved them opening up, sharing, and moving forward. They had a slow burn happening that was worth the wait. I liked learning all about Maddox’s daughter and her connection to McKenna, it was definitely a complicated situation. The little girl was a bundle of sunshine and rainbows and I couldn't get enough of her.

There were several smaller stories mixed in and I enjoyed them though some were more fleshed out than others when it came to details. I really liked the build to the reason McKenna went back home in the first place however it wrapped up easily and felt a bit anticlimactic, I kept waiting for more drama.

This story was filled with a lot of emotion, sweet moments, and entertaining scenes. There were a few parts that felt drawn out but overall, this was a winner. I was invested the entire time and excited to find out what would happen next. 

Complimentary copy received from That's What She Said Publishing.

Book Review: The Last One You Loved by LJ Evans | About That Story
"Wonderful second chance romance filled with hope and healing!" - About That Story

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