Review: Damaged 2 by H. M. Ward

Damaged 2 by HM Ward

Damaged 2 by H. M. Ward




Home isn't supposed to be dangerous, but for Sidney it is. Returning home means that she has to face her past. It's not just the man who hurt Sidney that makes it horrible, but the family that didn't believe her. They were dead to her, but now that her mom is really dying things seem different. It's a chance to set things right.

What Sidney doesn't realize is that she's dragging Peter into a collision course with his past. Peter must deal with the demons haunting him if he wants to move forward with Sidney. He's willing to give up everything for her, even wade deeper into his past life to help her move forward. But, Peter isn't sure if he can get over what happened to him in New York.



5 out of 5 stars

Book two starts immediately where book one ended. I couldn’t put it down because I was immediately pulled back into the intensity and emotion.

This was such a amazing story! I love Sidney and Peter together. There was such a roller coaster of emotion going on. I love that Sydney was strong and unselfish and overcame so much. Peter is such a great character and we got to see a whole other side of him in this story. Their conversations and witty banter and playfulness were so real to me. 

Their tender moments were beautiful written and several times throughout the book my heart was in my throat. Peter and Sidney’s romantic connections to one another were so romantic, sweet, and sensual all rolled into one. I was completely captivated.

Sean and Avery from The Arrangement series are in this book. I think Sean is an interesting, intense character and I’d like to learn more. Peter’s whole family is pretty intriguing actually so at this point anything having to do with the Ferro Brothers I want to get my hands on.

The turmoil that went on and the bit of drama and suspense were perfectly mixed in. Thank goodness for Mr. Turkey. He was a fabulous addition to the book. I’m serious about Mr. Turkey - I was laughing out loud and my family was looking at me like I was crazy!

I loved the ending. I was emotionally all over the place with it because it was so intense but I thought it was the perfect ending.

I am such a fan of H. M. Ward! Excellent author!



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