Review: The Submissive (The Submissive #1) by Tara Sue Me

The Submissive 1

The Submissive (The Submissive #1) by Tara Sue Me




Book One of the Submissive Trilogy


The first in Tara Sue Me’s seductive and scandalous series that has enthralled millions…

Abby King has a secret fantasy.


New York knows Nathaniel West as the brilliant and handsome CEO of West Industries, but Abby knows he’s more: a sexy and skilled dominant who is looking for a new submissive. Yearning to experience a world of pleasure beyond her simple life as a librarian, Abby offers herself to Nathaniel, to fulfill her most hidden desires.


After only one weekend with the Master, Abby knows she needs more, and fully submits to Nathaniel’s terms. But despite the pleasure he takes in Abby’s willing spirit, the Nathaniel hidden behind the rules remains cold and distant.


As Abby falls deeper into his tantalizing world of power and passion, she fears that Nathaniel’s heart may be beyond her reach—and that her own might be beyond saving…




4 out of 5 stars


Great read! I honestly couldn't put it down. I thought Abby and Nathan were interesting and intriguing characters and I was immediately pulled into their world.


I loved that Abby sought Nathaniel out, it put a whole different perspective on the Dom/sub relationship for me and I really enjoyed it. I really liked Abby and her I'm going to do this attitude. I thought she had great internal dialogue and I found it entertaining. I like that she thought things through, tried to be logical, and knew her limits.


Nathaniel was awesome! Yes, he was a big, bad, sexy dom but he had a sweet and caring side too that I found extremely endearing and I wanted to know more. I was drawn to him. I loved seeing Nathaniel grow and change, it gave me lots of awww moments.


The love the two of them together and like their chemistry. There are playful scenes where you can really see their personalities. There were also lots of sexy times. Very sensual, erotic, and steamy. I didn't think there was anything over the top or overly descriptive though, which was nice. I thought the scenes were well written.


There is a scene at the end that I absolutely LOVED and then one that broke my heart. Needless to say there was a fair amount of drama that had me on the edge of my seat right at the end. I was worried there would be a cliffhanger but it wrapped up nicely even though I still wanted to know more about Nathaniel.


I don't feel like this was an extremely heavy book but for me it had just the right amount of everything I needed for a great read. Great characters, ultra hot, sensual times, romances, and drama. And just the right amount of lighthearted moments too. I will definitely read the rest in the series.




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