Review: Being Me (Inside Out #2) by Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me 2

Being Me (Inside Out #2) by Lisa Renee Jones



The sexy second installment in the Inside Out erotic romance trilogy, following If I Were You—in the seductive tradition ofFifty Shades of Grey.

Fascinated by the dark fantasies in the journals she’s discovered, and the two men who have now found a place in her life, Sara McMillan finds herself torn between her new life and her past. Now, more than ever, Sara identifies with the lost journal writer, Rebecca, and is certain that something sinister has happened.

In the arms of the sexy, tormented artist Chris Merit, Sara seeks answers about Rebecca and ends up discovering things about herself she never knew existed. Chris forces Sara to reconsider who she is and what she truly wants from life, but not before his dark desires threaten to tear them apart. Her boss, Mark Compton, offers her the shelter to understand just what those needs mean to her, and what they might have meant to Rebecca, but can she trust him to lead her to a final conclusion to Rebecca’s story?



4 out of 5 stars

This book had a different vibe for me than If I Were You (book 1) did. The level of intensity was different but still really good. This one was more about emotion for me and the relationship of Sara and Chris.

The first half really delved into that relationship, their exploration together, and how much they needed each other. Sara made me crazy sometimes. She seemed strong but had serious insecure moments, she's was also back and forth on her resolve to be independent from Chris. Sara had a secret and even though it was horrible to learn, I didn't think it was that huge, not enough for her to think it would end a relationship. I really liked Chris in this, he just wanted to protect her and make sure she was taken care of. He’s sweet and sexy, but very controlling. Chris has some serious demons and there is a scene that really shows how messed up and dark he can be (totally held my breath!). 

Chris and Sara have a tremendous amount of heat together. There are several erotic scenes (more so than book one) and more of the pleasure/pain issues are touched upon. Chris is powerful, dominating, and commanding, and Sara craves it even though she hates to admit it. 

I have to say, I loved Mark in this. He intrigues the heck out of me! In book one I wanted to slap him but this book seemed to show a slightly different side of him and I just wanted to know more. He had some sweet, caring moments. At the end, his nicer moments with Sara made sense to me. He has his own torment he deals with and we learn why. It made him more real to me, not someone who is just all dominance and power, but someone who is more human and flawed.

The last 25% was all drama, drama, drama and I couldn't put the book down. There is closure about Rebecca but questions about Ella and Chris still remain. The book ends without a major cliffhanger, it’s more of an opening for the third book where we learn Chris’ deep dark secrets.

Drama, intensity, passion, and love - this story had it all!



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I read If I Were You in September of 2013 and was immediately hooked on the series. I’m excited to read the rest of the stories.

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