Review: Hawk (Sons of Sangue #2) by Patricia A. Rasey


Hawk (Sons of Sangue #2) by Patricia A. Rasey



Kaleb “Hawk” Tepes, as president of the Sons of Sangue and descendant of Vlad III, needs to keep his head focused on club business. Trouble is someone wants to divest him of it for a crime he committed against his vampire predecessors. He can’t afford distractions, especially those that come in the form of a five-foot-two sprite named Suzi, who once belonged to his nephew. In a moment of weakness, he makes a snap decision that can only spell trouble. Now faced with the one person who wants him dead, Kaleb must make the ultimate sacrifice or chance losing the only woman he truly desired forever.

Suzi Stevens has tried hard to put her past behind her and move forward. The one man she yearns for over all others, believes her to be nothing but cold-hearted. Hearing that someone has tried to behead him, she shelves past prejudices and rushes to his side, needing to see for herself that he’s all right. What she doesn’t count on is Hawk’s demand to take her as his personal blood donor. Now forced to endure his company, she fears losing her heart for all eternity to the one person who has the power to crush her.



3.5 out of 5 stars

I liked this story a lot. There’s a nice introduction and details throughout so even if you didn’t read the first book you wouldn’t be lost. Kaleb/Hawk and Suzi have a serious love-hate relationship going on. Lots of animosity but an intriguing attraction and pull between the two strong personalities. There’s a nice amount of tension and heat throughout that kept things interesting.

I love the fact that the twins Kaleb and Kane, have two have very distinct personalities and the author did a great job at really showing that. I really enjoyed the side stories involving Cara, the MC brothers and Primordial Vampires. I also liked that we got more Kane/Viper and Cara from book one. I loved the introduction of the story with Tamara and Grayson/Gypsy and Anton/Blondy. I am looking forward to that story!

This story is told from several different POV's and I loved all the different perspectives. The first half had an decent pace but I thought some parts had repetitive descriptions. The second half had a better flow for me. There were bits of drama and tension throughout and a big build up to the end. I really enjoyed it but I would have liked that main conflict at the end to be more detailed, it wrapped up a little too quickly for me.

If you’re a fan of vampires and bikers then I’d definitely give this a read! :-)

Complimentary copy received for honest review.



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