Review: Rusty Nailed (Cocktail #2) by Alice Clayton

Rusty Nailed 2 by Alice Clayton

Rusty Nailed (Cocktail #2) by Alice Clayton


In this sequel to Wallbanger, the second book in the Cocktail series, fan favorites Caroline and Simon negotiate the rollercoaster of their new relationship while house-sitting in San Francisco.

Playing house was never so much fun—or so confusing. With her boss on her honeymoon, Caroline’s working crazy long hours to keep the interior design company running—especially since she’s also the lead designer for the renovation of a gorgeous old hotel on Sausalito. So with her hotshot photographer boyfriend gallivanting all over the world for his job, she and Simon are heavy-duty into “absence makes the heart grow fonder” mode. Neither has any complaints about the great reunion sex, though! Then Simon decides he’s tired of so much travelling, and he’s suddenly home more. A lot more. And wanting Caroline home more, too. Though their friends’ romantic lives provide plenty of welcome distraction, eventually Caroline and Simon have to sort their relationship out. Neither wants “out of sight, out of mind,” but can they create their own happy mid-ground cliché?

USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton delivers another delicious, frothy cocktail of a book, shaking up her characters, stirring in laugh-out-loud humor, and serving sizzling romance straight up!


5 out of 5 stars

I seriously loved this book. Amazing story! 

Simon and Caroline have the best banter and connection ever! They are highly entertaining and I laughed and grinned the entire time I was reading. Simon and Caroline have perfect chemistry, hotness, and oh boy are they passionate! This story was not lacking in the sexy time department at all.
Simon and Caroline's relationship grows and has twists and turns. It’s about their real life and making everything work. There was mounting tension that seriously had me stressing out but in a good way. I was hooked from the very beginning. I fell in love with Simon all over again and then I fell in love with him even more. I’m a big Caroline fan. I loved her determination and focus. They both grow so much separately and as a couple. Simon and Caroline seemed so real to me and I felt totally connected. I had some serious heart bursting moments in this thanks to Simon... he still knew how to woo!

It wasn't just about Simon and Caroline but about other relationships as well and I was pulled into it all. All their friends have such a great comradery that's engaging and fun. Caroline and her girls have priceless interactions! I loved Neil and Sophia's side story with their bickering banter and how all of that played out. I felt like I really knew these people and wanted to hang out with them!

Excellent story, great pace, perfect build. Towards the end I was so anxiety ridden and feeling everything. Talk about being in the moment, I could not read fast enough! There is something magical about the way Alice Clayton writes. The world around me faded away and I lived in Simon and Caroline's world. 

Clive the cat. He’s just such a fun and entertaining part of the story in the midst of all that’s going on. I adored Caroline's interpretations of Clive and what's going on in his mind. I also loves how he and Simon formed a bond. 

This is a witty, entertaining story that has bits of tension throughout. Perfect balance between those lighthearted and serious moments. I laughed, cried, held my breath and loved every second of it. AND we got to meet Viv Franklin, the heroine for the next book, so I am super excited for Screwdrivered. I cannot get enough Alice Clayton!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.


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