Review: Go With Me (With Me #2) by Elyssa Patrick


Go With Me (With Me #2) by Elyssa Patrick



I, Daphne Fox, have a few things to confess:

1. I hate Nick Brady. Loathe. Abhor. Can’t stand him 95% of the time.
2. That other 5%? I’m not talking about that at all.
3. People think I’m lucky for surviving the car crash. I disagree.
4. Nick is the only guy who makes my nightmares go away.
5. I won’t love him, though. Love is not worth the pain.

I, Nick Brady, have a few confessions of my own:

1. I don’t hate Daphne Fox. At all.
2. I find her scar sexy. Just like the rest of her.
3. I may be her older brother’s best friend, but that’s not going to stop me.
4. I love her.
5. And I’m going to do everything I can to have her.

New Adult/Contemporary Romance – Recommended for readers 17 and older



4.5 out of 5 stars

This was a pretty incredible story and I was invested from the beginning!

Daphne and Nick were great characters and I enjoyed the ups and downs they experienced and the growth of their relationship. I felt so much for Daphne and could totally understood where she was coming from with so many things. My heart hurt for her, I cheered for her, I got frustrated with her, and I really, really liked her. Nick is just so sweet and fantastic and I loved all their interactions, from their animosity in the beginning to their lighter, more entertaining moments. I do wish I would have learned a little more about Nick’s past and what it was like when he and Daphne knew each other pre-story.

I thought Daphne’s character had nice development, I like how it was all laid out. I could feel her moments of vulnerability and growth. She totally came into her own in this story and I loved how everything played out and her accepting who she is. This strong young woman who always put up a front finally lets her defenses down to let people in. It was awesome! 

There was some really nice heat in this book. I liked that there was a true build to everything, it made it seem very realistic to me. Nick was such a charming and sexy gentleman. Those hot times are hot, no doubt about it.

I really enjoyed all the other guys. I feel like we got to know a lot more about them which was nice. I really liked Jamie's character and am looking forward to his story. I loved that Hailey and Caleb were in this as well, not just a side note either, they were really integrated well. It's nice to see them together. I thought Daphne and Hailey's relationship was really fun and that provided for some entertaining moments. I thought the book had an even pace and there were bit of drama throughout that kept me turning the page because I wanted to know what happened next. 

An engaging and sexy story filled with love, growth and vulnerability. Nick and Daphne are adorable together!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.



Elyssa Patrick is a former high school English teacher who left the classroom to write contemporary romances and New Adult. She is currently hard at work on her next novel.

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