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Chained To The Past.

On the brink of going pro in MMA, Tyler Graves has defied his past—a past where going to jail for beating the hell out of his foster father took him away from the girl he loved and swore to protect, leaving her in the house of the man who abused them both.

Chained To Regret.

No matter how much time has passed, Danielle Debasco weighs on Ty’s mind and conscience. He was supposed to save her, instead he abandoned her.
Chained To Love.

To free Danny from the abusive man who still haunts her, Ty’s faced with sacrificing his future by finishing what he started four years ago—taking vengeance. But, this time will be different. This time he won’t stop until the horrors of their past are sealed not just in blood, but in death.



3.5 out of 5 stars

This story starts out intense and pretty much stayed that way the entire time. There was a good build the first half laying out Tyler and Danny’s past and what was going on in the present and it was just in-your-face-real. This is not your typical happily go lucky story, it's gritty and intense and stressed me out a bit. These characters have had a horrific life filled with pain, violence, and drugs. I felt so sad for all the characters and wanted them to be okay.

Tyler and Danny's relationship spans years and them reconnecting was intense and heart wrenching and sweet all rolled into one. This is mainly told from Tyler's POV but there are some sections that are more from Danny's, set up like fairy tale. I really liked that edition and perspective to the story. I do think they came together a bit too easy relationship wise however and even though the entire story had this intensity and suspense to it, I thought there would have been a bit more drama at the end. There were a few sex scenes and I thought it was the right amount considering the content and length of the story. 

I like how it was laid out and everything came together but it seemed almost to fast paced. The end was great. That last little bit had me stressing out and then whew, all was well. It was really sweet actually and I felt totally relieved.

Intense story with messed up characters. A real life dark fairly tale!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.



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