Review: Release Me (Chasing Fire #2) by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers

Release Me 2

Release Me (Chasing Fire #2)

by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers



The second in the Chasing Fire series, about a pain too deep to forgive and a passion too hot to forget…

Alessandra Sinclair knows that Hudson Chase is the last man she should want. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks has grown into a man who would do anything to get ahead, even if it means breaking Allie’s heart. But whenever she’s near him, the attraction between them is undeniable. And now that they’re working together, keeping her distance from Hudson is almost as impossible as keeping her feelings in check…

Hudson already lost Allie once and he refuses to lose her again. He’s determined to use their new business partnership to rekindle the spark he knows is still there. Only the closer he gets to winning her over, the clearer it becomes there are still secrets that could tear them apart for good…



5 out of 5 stars

Wow! This was intense, emotional, and unbelievably hot! Loved it! 

This book starts where Remind Me leaves off and I love the tension and animosity between Allie and Hudson. They are such great characters. You can feel the pull they have towards one another and I really got caught up in it.  I loved the build of them coming together and moving forward, it was so fantastic! Wanting something but having to forgive, it just made for this full story that was detailed and descriptive. I was completely pulled in. 

There's a lot going on throughout and I had a million questions. There is an underlying element of mystery that had me wanting more and I absorbed all the details I got. It was intense! Allie had so much to deal with during her and Hudson's reconnection. It was so sad and yet I loved her strength throughout. I pretty much inhaled all the details learned about Hudson's past. Loved all those dark details that were emerging. I couldn't not get enough! Hudson is a fascinating man. I still have a ton of questions about her parents, Hudson's brother Nick, and Julian. Which leads me too HOLY CLIFFHANGER BATMAN! I'm dying. Need the third book now. 

This story took the schmexy to a whole new level. Seriously, it was unbelievable hot! I love the connection they have, it's like an insatiable need, with love and lust combined which makes them coming together off the charts hot. Besides the hot, there were also these sweet, playful moments that make Hudson and Allie so relatable and real… let's just say Mr. Chase could help me decorate cookies anytime. ;-)

Such a great story. Loved the build throughout. From Hudson and Allie coming together and all the underlying questions that emerged to really seeing the beautiful and passionate connection they share. About the time I thought I was ready for more drama and development, bam! It happened! The ending totally had me on the edge of my seat and I was left with my heart racing. 

Awesome read which I thoroughly enjoyed. Couldn't put it down! That ending though, wow. I need answers!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.



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