Review: Guardian's Bond (Ancient Ink #1) by Rhenna Morgan

PNR for the win! This was so entertaining to read. I loved watching Priest and Katerie come together. :-) 



Review: Guardian's Bond (Ancient Ink #1) by Rhenna Morgan | About That Story 

Guardian’s Bond (Ancient Ink #1) by Rhenna Morgan 


For decades, he’s been alone.
Now, she’s here. His fated mate.
His to win. To protect.
To provide for and pleasure.

Priest Rahandras has lived with the darkness trapped inside himself for years. Betrayed by his own brother and forced to watch his clan’s brutal annihilation, the only thing Priest wants more than to escape the curse that haunts him—as both man and beast—is to rebuild.

Until the mate he’s longed for walks into his life with an elder from his past. She’s everything he’s wished for, and the key to the clan’s very survival.

Kateri Falsen is a woman of logic and facts. While Priest’s cat can sense her arousal, telling her they’re fated won’t be enough. He’ll have to show her his love: with his words, with his actions, and with his body.

Protecting Kateri from the evil trapped inside him is paramount. But when lost clan members are systematically murdered, he’ll have to choose between exposing his mate to his black magic, or risking her as the next victim.

This book is approximately 90,000 words

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4 out of 5 stars

This was an awesome introduction to a new series! I loved the details, all the different dynamics, and this excellent story of Priest and Kateri coming together. A truly great read!

I really liked Priest, his pull towards Kateri, and this captivating alpha presence he had. He oozed sexiness and power. Kateri I liked a lot. I loved watching her discover new things and fight her feelings against all the changes happening. It made for a great push and pull between the two. Together they were challenging and playful and really entertaining. I thought they had great chemistry and heat, there is definitely a good amount of hotness for sure.

I loved learning all the ins and outs of their world even though it was a lot to take in at the start. After it was laid out and I had the gist of everything, I was all in. There's a good cast of characters introduced and really like the different connections. It's a really intriguing, well thought out world and I enjoyed learning all the ends and outs of how everything works, the shifter element involved, and all the different rolls that people play.

The couple coming together are the main focus but there's a nice bit of underlying drama happening as well. I thought there was a really good build to the action and I liked the intensity of it. I assume this is something that will play out over the course of the series.

Overall I thought this was great and I found it exciting to read. There was a lot to learn but I really like the building world presented, all the different shifter things happening, and how everything ties together. I also loved the growth both the main characters experienced as they came together. I'm ready for more!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.


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Review: Guardian's Bond by Rhenna Morgan | About That Story


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