Book Review: All I Want for Christmas is You (Angel Falls #3) by Miranda Liasson

I have absolutely loved the Angel Falls series by Miranda Liasson and I'm sorry to see it come to an end. This was a wonderful send off and I was thrilled to get Rafe and Kaitlyn's story.

Book Review: All I Want for Christmas is You (Angel Falls #3) by Miranda Liasson | About That Story
All I Want for Christmas is You (Angel Falls #3) by Miranda Liasson

Being naughty was nice, but now these friends-turned-lovers are in for an unforgettable Christmas...

Just when Kaitlyn Barnes vows to get over her longtime crush on Rafe Langdon, they share a sizzling evening that delivers an epic holiday surprise: Kaitlyn is pregnant. And if that weren't life-changing enough, everyone assumes they're engaged -- a charade they must keep alive through the holiday season. But Kaitlyn knows Rafe better than anyone, and Rafe settling down is about as likely as Santa skipping Angel Falls this year...

Rafe would rather Kaitlyn believe a lie -- that their night together was a fling -- than face his own dangerous truth: he's falling for her, hard. After a devastating loss, Rafe swore he'd never risk his heart again. Yet the longer they pretend to be engaged the more Rafe starts to want the real thing. But now he has to convince Kaitlyn he wants to be by her side -- and their baby's -- for all the Christmases to come.

4 out of 5 stars

This was a super sweet, really entertaining, feel-good story that left me smiling and happy. I had so much fun reading it and enjoyed Rafe and Kaitlyn navigating their way through the ups and downs. It was a great story!

Kaitlyn and Rafe were awesome, I loved them and they stressed me out all rolled into one. I loved their chemistry and this battle they were fighting with their feelings in the middle of this surprise baby situation. There was a bit of tension, a lot of angst, yearning, and love. Some things were emotional, especially learning more about Rafe’s past, but mostly it was just entertaining and fun. There's some mild drama happening between them as they come together and fight their feelings and I couldn't wait for them to get to their HEA.

There's a nice cast of characters thanks to their family and the quirky townspeople. I felt it was a sweet, heartwarming read. Not super in-depth but just enough to keep you invested. It moved along well and I enjoyed reading it.

This was a wonderful addition to the Angel Falls series. Bottom line, it’s a light, entertaining read that will leave you with a smile on your face and your heart feeling full. There's some drama and ups and downs but it's not to taxing. When you want something sweet, then this will hit the spot!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.

Book Review: All I Want for Christmas is You (Angel Falls #3) by Miranda Liasson | About That Story

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