Book Love + Links: Sep. 5, 2020

Book Love + Links: Sep. 5, 2020 | About That Story

Happy Saturday! I'm adding a new feature to my blog called Book Love + Links. I run across so many random things I want to share so I decided this is where I'll let the magic happen and do just that. I'll be sharing Book Love, which could be about pretty much anything from what I'm reading and have added to my TBR, recent purchases, and book mail, etc. Plus, I'll be sharing Links where I'll talk about lifestyle-related things that include fun finds, products I like, and recipes I've found. Pretty much whatever floats my boat in relation to everyday life. I hope you enjoy it!

I received some awesome book mail this week. A big thank you goes out to Grand Central Publishing for Chaos by Iris Johanson and Quick and Delicious by Gordon Ramsey.

I needed a pick-me-up so I ordered myself the paperback for Riven Knight by Devney Perry. It's one of my favorites this year and I wanted to finish off my paperback collection. It arrived on Wednesday and looks gorgeous on my shelf.

I added a few books to my TBR but the two I am most excited about are Scoundrel of My Heart by Lorraine Heath and Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron.

I finished reading my very first Sandra Brown book and now I want to read everything by her. Needless to say, I loved Thick as Thieves.

I have mad love for Pinterest, it's my favorite place to find recipes. This week I made Butterfinger Popcorn. It turned out okay. It tasted good but the popcorn lost it's crunch pretty fast.

Even though it's 95 degrees outside I'm on the hunt for a new cardigan in a neutral color. I found this one at Target in cream. I'm also loving this long cardigan I found on Amazon that has multiple colors happening. 

I tried a new hair product called L'Oreal Blow Dry It. I'm really liking it and it smells amazing! It feels pretty oily before it dries though so I spray it on my hands and then put it on my hair instead of spraying it directly. The first time I tried, it got on the tile and I slipped. I'm glad no one was around to see that.

That's it for my first Book Love + Links! Let me know about your fun finds this week! Drop a comment below. :-)

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