Book Review: My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers #1) by Stacy Reid

I had such a blast reading this story. It was entertaining and witty and I'm already looking forward to more in the series!

Book Review: My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers #1) by Stacy Reid
My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers #1) by Stacy Reid

Miss Katherine Danvers is a desperate wallflower. Her family is on the brink of financial ruin, and it is up her to save her mother and sisters from a life of indignities. So she transforms herself into the incomparable Kitty Danvers, the fiancée of the enigmatic and reclusive Alexander Masters, Duke of Thornton—once dubbed the mad, bad, and dangerous catch of the Season.

Ten years ago, society and the woman Alexander Masters loved called him a monster, after a tragic accident left him scarred and confined to a wheelchair. His heart exists in cold, lonely exile, until he learns he has a fiancée—a deceptive, clever, and utterly intriguing woman he's never met. Miss Danvers will now learn the consequences of engaging herself to the beast, for Alexander is determined to make her his. Soon, they are involved in a chase, a clash of wills, and though he once vowed to never love again, he burns for the enchanting Miss Danvers. And denying his heart may cost him an exquisite love that happens only once in a lifetime. 

4 out of 5 stars

My Darling Duke was refreshing, witty, and charming and outright entertaining to read!

I loved Kitty and her outrageous idea to be the Duke's fiancé. I liked her boldness and the reasons why she was doing it. She had such a big heart and was so sweet. I loved Alexander. He seems gruff and was reclusive and I loved learning his history and getting to know him. He was incredibly charming! I loved Alexander’s fascination with Kitty and the building attraction and playfulness between them. I loved their chemistry, there was a fantastic push and pull happening. They had really great dialogue and awesome banter together. There was a fantastic build and excellent slow burn to them coming together as well.

I thought this was entertaining but also emotional with these raw and real moments. I really enjoyed those more intimate and vulnerable scenes. Alexander has issues he’s dealing with from his past accident and I liked learning the ins and outs and the conflict he was facing with himself and with Kitty. I loved him working through his feelings and emotions.

There was an excellent cast of characters introduced and this story made for a wonderful series starter. I liked Kitty’s wallflower friends and how they're putting themselves out there to be bold. I'm already excited for the next book in the series. I loved Alexander's servants and how invested they were in his life. There were so many great scenes and I enjoyed them all.

This was an exciting read filled with emotion, passion, and a whole lot of fun. I loved the build and dual POVs. There was a good pace and flow and it was exciting to read. This was a well thought out and original story and was hooked from the start!

Book Review: My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid | About That Story

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Book Review: My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid | About That Story

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