Book Review: Free (Chaos #6) by Kristen Ashley

I can't believe the Chaos series is over. It's been one of my all-time favorites and it went out with a bang with Free. I loved Rush and Rebel coming together and the intrigue and depth as the story developed. It was thrilling from beginning to end!

Book Review: Free (Chaos #6) by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
Free (Chaos #6) by Kristen Ashley

Through good times, bad times and times of war, Cole “Rush” Allen grew up in the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Along this journey, he watched his father, Tack, and his MC brothers fight, sweat, bleed and die to steer the Club to legitimacy.

And they’ve got one more battle on their hands.

A battle they have to win.

But when Rush meets the woman who put herself right in the thick of it, he knows he has to stop at nothing to get her out.

Rebel Stapleton has lost someone she loves to murder and she’s the kind of woman who’s going to do something about it. She puts her career on the line, and her life, to bring the man who did it to justice.

That is, she does this until Rush Allen intervenes.

Chaos is at war and they’re about to face the ultimate showdown. They’ll have to negotiate skeletons from the past, enemies becoming allies, and loved ones in the line of fire on their ride to be…


5 out of 5 stars

Free was an epic ending to one of my all-time favorite series. I loved the depth and layers as everything unfolded, as the club worked their way to free, and Rush and Rebel came together. I loved the drama and emotion, redemption, and love. This was an exceptional story! 6 stars!

Rebel was kickass! I freaking loved her and how she loved with her whole heart and put herself out there to help others. She was strong and sassy and I loved her overall vibe and spirit. Rush, oh my goodness, he’s all grown up and he grew into everything I wanted him to be with this strength about him filled with loyalty and love. I loved Rush and Rebel coming together and that instant connection between them, like a fire burning bright. I loved them opening up and laying it out, being emotional, vulnerable, and real. There were just so many excellent, well-done scenes and I couldn't read fast enough!

Rush and Tack, holy moly those bonding moments between them were phenomenal, I loved how meaningful they were, it was incredible. The Chaos men, their old ladies, and all their friends and associates were wonderful. I wish I could touch on every single person and all these truly great scenes taking place that had had me smiling, laughing, or choking up. There were a few new characters introduced and some I met from another series and I thought it was incorporated well. For some people (who were not my favorites in other stories), there's even redemption and I really loved how the author handled it. 

I loved the overall storyline that has continued over the course of the series and getting more with Chew and Valenzuela. I loved all the different perspectives as well, there was a lot happening, it was thrilling and intense to read. I personally loved this because so many characters from past stories were touched upon making it feel fuller. There was a fantastic build and excellent details as all the dots connected. It was exciting to read!

I want to say all the things because I love this series so much. I've reread it a ridiculous number of times. This story brought everything back around for me. The older generation with the younger, passing on a legacy, with moments reminiscent of the past. It just felt very full circle. I loved all the layers and smaller stories taken place that were woven in and played into the story. KA is always amazing with an epilogue and this was no exception, it was brilliant.

Thank you Kristen Ashley for the Chaos series! For the characters. For this world and family. The love and loyalty. For amazing stories that I love to lose myself in that have a special place in my heart, always. Chaos forever! 6 stars!

Book Review: Free by Kristen Ashley | About That Story

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I can't believe it's over. I loved the Chaos series so much. It's one of my all-time favorites. Let me know some of your favorite series!

Book Review: Free by Kristen Ashley | About That Story

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