Book Review: Stop Ghosting Me by Tara Sivec

This story was so much fun! It's filled with fantastic characters and Halloween hijinks that had me laughing the entire time! Stop Ghosting Me was an entertaining friends-to-lovers romance that you won't want to miss.  

Book Review: Stop Ghosting Me by Tara Sivec
Stop Ghosting Me by Tara Sivec

Harvest Grove News:
Another Halloween season is upon us! As usual, please be mindful of the movie fans traveling from Vine Street to Cinnamon Way.

Favorite bar owner, Ford Prescott, is back in town for his yearly stay, making this his sixth October in Harvest Grove! Be sure to welcome him warmly when you see him at the Wicked Pub and Grub. Single ladies - try not to overwhelm the poor man with so many baked goods this year.

Sidney Tanner wants residents to know her Severed Head Succulents will be buy one, get one free before the countdown to midnight begins on October Eve. Since it’s likely she’ll be in jail at some point that night, please text her your orders.

Still seeking volunteers for various events around town:
*Someone to organize pumpkin carving night at the Gore House.
*An extra, bloody cheerleader for the yearly viewing of 
The Babysitter’s Last Halloween. Costume will be provided.
*A brave soul to keep an eye on the Tanner girls this month. We don’t want a repeat of last year’s corn maze incident, or the mashed potato fiasco in poor Jarvis’s yard previously.

We assume Ford will be volunteering for that last one, since he and Sidney are always joined at the hip when he’s in town. A little bat tells me these October best friends will be heating things up in town this year. Sparks will be flying–no offense to Colleen or the Tanner girls who set her garage on fire–and these two might just be carving out some time for love this Halloween!

Fasten your sheet belts, Harvest Grove! Let’s hope when the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, our dear Sidney won’t be ghosted again…

4 out of 5 stars

Stop Ghosting Me was a seriously great read filled with awesome characters, crazy shenanigans, a wild family, and a whole lot of fun. I loved getting to know Ford and Sydney and watching their October friendship grow into more. This was a super entertaining story that had me smiling the entire time.

Ford and Sydney were wonderful. I loved learning about their friendship and how they truly felt about one another. I liked the dual POVs and loved the internal dialogue as they worked through their feelings. I loved learning about Sydney’s past, all her rules, and how that played into her feelings about Ford. I loved Ford and his big-hearted grumpy self. I liked their playful banter and how they were both holding their feelings in check. When Ford finally gets flirty, it was pretty awesome (and hello dirty talker!). These two had an enjoyable slow burn happening with some ups and downs and a lot of miscommunications but when they finally get there, they do so in an epically hot and combustible way. While this is filled with a lot of humor, there was also a nice amount of heart and emotion mixed in that I adored.

All the characters were really witty. Everyone is crazy for Halloween, especially Sydney, and it was rather fantastic. Her family is a bit over the top with their zany antics but they mean well and have good hearts. I liked Sydney’s friend Callie and the bromance Ford had going on with Marcus, their interactions made me laugh. I liked the small-town feel with the gossip mill running rampant as well.

This was just outright entertaining and I had a blast reading it! It was a light and fun friend-to-lovers story that had me laughing my way through. Happy Halloween indeed!

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"A super entertaining, crazy fun read!" - About That Story

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I don't think I've ever read a Halloween-themed book before but I definitely enjoyed it. Do you enjoy holiday-themed reads? Let me know!