New Release: Fetish by Anonymous

This book contains a spicy collection of Victorian era short stories that cover several different tastes and desires. Be sure to read the synopsis below for more details, though a part of me thinks the title and cover pretty much imply what you're going to get diving into this one. ;-)

New Release: Fetish by Anonymous
Fetish by Anonymous

Step into a world of secret appetites, carnal longing, and dark cravings with this erotic collection set in the Victorian era. From achingly tender to utterly taboo, these ten historical stories will stir, and entice, every desire…

A young wife lures men into erotic trysts—and spills all the tea to her husband at night.

An heiress rekindles her friendship with a school mate who coaches her husband in the fine art of fisting.

A burly builder can’t get enough of the feathery touch delivered by his level-headed bricklayer.

You’re invited to a feast of these and seven more tantalizing tales. Fetish will shatter expectations, defy every convention…and awaken the lust inside you.

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Thank you Entangled Publishing for the paperback of Fetish.

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