Book Review: Anger Bang by Avery Flynn

I had such a great time reading Anger Bang. Between the fun banter, all the sexy times, and the crazy situations happening, I could not get enough. This was pure entertainment!!!

Book Review: Anger Bang by Avery Flynn
Anger Bang (Downside of Dating #1) by Avery Flynn

Sometimes you just need to bang it out...

Shy paleontologist Thea Pope just wants to get through her sister's '80s-themed monstrosity of a TV reality-show wedding so she can get to her summer field work. The only problem? Her sister has turned into the ultimate bridezilla - as in pink parasols, organza hats, forcing people to shave and dye their hair levels of over-the-top, it's-my-day antics - all while on location in a place literally called hell that reeks of sulfur and lost hopes.    
The only thing that can make it worse is when her sister declares that she never even wanted Thea in the wedding at all but that the producers insisted. Ouch doesn't begin to express how much it hurts that her own sister didn't even want her to be at her wedding.   
There's only one thing Thea can do after her sister finally pushes her too far - she picks the one man at the wedding her sister cannot stand - the groom's brother, Kade St. James - and has sex with him.    
Is it petty revenge that she'll be rubbing in her sister's face from now until eternity? Absolutely. Still, it seems like a great idea at the time, and really what could go wrong?
Pretty much everything it turns out.

4 out of 5 stars

Anger Bang was so flipping funny. And hot. Seriously, anger bang indeed! I loved the characters, the chaos that ensued, and all the 80’s references. It was super sexy (seriously with the heat!) but there were a lot of sweet, heartfelt moments as well. It made for a really entertaining read that was just outright enjoyable!

I loved Kade and Thea together, they had a playful dynamic and awesome chemistry. I liked the crazy situation they were in and loved how they clicked from the very first time they met. I loved that everything between them was instant and that Thea really put herself out there, it was flirty and fun. I liked getting to know them and watching them grow over the course of the story. I liked Thea coming out of her shell and standing up for herself and Kade dealing with some issues from his past. I loved when their guards started to come down and feelings came into play which created some sweet moments.

While their relationship is evolving, there's an over-the-top, outlandish reality TV wedding to deal with as well as Thea’s sister and Kade’s brother. I liked learning about the different dynamics and bonds with their siblings and what was truly going on with them, there was more there than meets the eye. I enjoyed the mild drama that was created and the development of several different relationships. There were some nice emotional moments mixed in but this baby was really just pure entertainment.

I liked the storyline and thought the flow was good but it did feel a bit slow in places and sometimes repetitive. There was a great build and I liked the descriptions. If you want a solid, laugh-out-loud story, with a whole lot of steam, give Anger Bang a try!

Complimentary copy received from Entangled Publishing.

Anger Bang by Avery Flynn

Book Review: Anger Bang by Avery Flynn | About That Story
"Funny and sexy story that was pure entertainment!" - About That Story

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This was a fantastic romantic comedy that brought the funny and the heat. It was just outright entertaining to read. What's your favorite romantic comedy? Let me know!