Book Review: Getting Real by Emma Chase

Getting Real was another fantastic story in the Getting Some series by Emma Chase. I loved every single thing about Connor and Violet. This was incredibly entertaining and I smiled my way through!

Book Review: Getting Real by Emma Chase
Getting Real (Getting Some #3) by Emma Chase

A sexy, hilarious, emotional, new romance from New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase.

Connor Daniels never thought he’d be starting over at dating square one. His career as a successful doctor, and his three boys, are everything to him. It’s not exactly a set-up conducive to a scorching love life—but he’s giving it a shot.

ER nurse Violet Robinson never intended for Connor to find out she’s had a crush on him forever. It was a dirty little secret only meant for her dirty dreams. Her heart trips every time he’s around—and so do her feet.

When Connor sees Violet coasting across the grocery store parking lot—and she falls on her face—he starts falling for the gorgeous, young nurse right back.

Dating can be tricky. And life can be beautiful and crazy and unpredictable. But when it gets real, you discover what matters most . . . and the one person you want loving you through it all.

5 out of 5 stars

I loved this so much! Getting Real was funny, sexy, and sweet with the perfect mix of emotion blended in. I loved watching Connor and Violet fall in love and the flirting and playfulness between them. I really liked all the characters involved and seeing old favorites. This story felt like coming home, it was incredibly entertaining and heartfelt!

I loved both Connor and Violet. I liked them really getting to know each other and seeing the spark between them come alive. They had great chemistry. This was filled with so many fun, charming moments that had me laughing out loud. There might have been some mistakes on Connor's part that had me cracking up. I liked how sweet and easy their relationship was. I liked them opening up, when things heat up, and feelings come into play. There is an age gap but I felt it was a non-issue.

I flew through this story. I thought it moved at a great pace, I loved the development and the dual POVs. I loved the timeline of Connor and Violet’s relationship, it made for an excellent build. There was a bit of drama and angst blended in but it wasn't too stressful, it added just the right amount of tension. I loved the humor Connor’s boys brought to the story and I enjoyed the bonds Violet was forming with them. I also loved seeing Garrett and Dean and their wives from the first two books, as well as Connor’s other brothers. When they all get together, things can get crazy in the best way.

This was just a fantastic story filled with wonderful moments, passion, and heart and I loved every second. This is the type of story that made me feel all kinds of squishy and warm and happy. I smiled my way through!

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"Funny, sexy, and sweet!" - About That Story

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I'm a huge Emma Chase fan so I have no idea why I didn't read this sooner. What's a story that you have absolutely loved but sat on your TBR for way too long? Let me know!