Book Review: If You Want Me by Helena Hunting

Today is the day! If you Want Me is now available. I had such a blast reading this. I loved the humor, the conflict, and the chemistry and development of these wonderful characters. Grab your copy of the second book in the Toronto Terror series by Helena Hunting today.

Book Review: If You Want Me by Helena Hunting
If You Want Me (Toronto Terror #2) by Helena Hunting

A brand new dad's best friend, friends to lovers, age gap hockey romance.

There’s no one more off limits than my best friend’s daughter.

Peggy Aurora Hammerstein. The Toronto Terror’s unofficial team princess. I would never do anything to mess with our team dynamics this late into the hockey season, but seeing her work in the front office changed something for me.

I see her as she is now: a powerful woman with ambition for miles. 

When I hold her against me, she fits perfectly.

Her little flirts and taunts push my buttons, if she doesn’t stop–my control just might break.

But I can never cross that line. I can never know what it could be to call her mine.

I’ve never wanted anyone more than Aurora and no one can ever know.

*This is Hollis Hendrix's standalone novel. If you want to meet Hollis before you read this book, check out If You Hate Me, Rix and Tristan's story.

5 out of 5 stars

I loved If You Want Me! It had the best sexual tension and chemistry with a pretty fantastic build! It was entertaining, sweet, and super spicy, and I had a blast reading it. I loved watching Hollis and Aurora come together, the pull they had on one another, the hot fiery times, and the wonderful HEA.

I loved everything about Hollis and Aurora’s relationship, learning their history, and how long they’d been crushing on each other. I loved Aurora, what she wanted from life, and her close-knit bond with her father. Hollis was fantastic, I loved him holding himself back and learning the why behind it. There were so many funny scenes between them that had me laughing out loud. I loved how Aurora pushed his buttons and the reactions it got out of him, it was so fun! I loved Hollis fighting his feelings as they grew stronger. Adding in the conflict of Roman, who is her father, and Hollis’s best friend (and a man who definitely needs a HEA of his own!), there was a lot of tension and guilt mixed in and it could be emotional and drama-filled. I loved the incredible build those conflicts helped to create as their relationship developed. Together they were incredibly hot, there were a lot of swoon-worthy and spicy scenes happening that were excellent.

I loved both their friend groups. Aurora with the girls and how they rallied around her was priceless. I love all the humor with young Tally, how they include her and corrupt her at the same time. I loved all the guys from Hollis’s team and the advice they offered up, it created a lot of humorous scenes. I also loved seeing Tristan and Rix again, how much Flip has changed, and the hints between Hemi and Dallas (I can’t wait for their story!). I also loved Hollis as a cat daddy, that was incredibly cute.

This story was a really well-done friends-to-lovers, age-gap romance. Helena Hunting is an exceptional storyteller and their 12-13 year age gap didn't faze me at all, and I’m not someone who is drawn to them. The push and pull between them was delicious, it was angsty, sexy, and entertaining. I feel like there were several great builds to a lot of different, important moments and they were all well timed. I had a hard time putting it down because I so desperately wanted Hollis and Aurora to be together and I couldn’t wait for that moment when Roman found out. It made for an addicting and exciting story!

Complimentary copy received.

Book Review: If You Want Me by Helena Hunting
"I had a blast reading this! The perfect mix of humor, angst, and spice!" - About That Story

Thank you Good Girls PR for the advanced copy of If You Want Me.

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