Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to Me!


Last May I decided to start a book blog to share my love of books. I was always reading reviews on Goodreads when deciding what to read next and I greatly appreciated that people took the time to leave those reviews. I always just starred what I liked but decided that I needed to be doing more, that I had things I wanted to share about what I’d read too. So, I organized, created graphics and set things up. I was originally going to launch in July but got impatient so June 17th, 2013 it was!

Over the past year I have written and posted 100 reviews. Holy crap that’s a lot! I just counted and it was 100 even… not bad for a one woman show. Let’s not forget countless blog tours, release day launches, cover reveals and spotlights. Book blogging definitely keeps me busy. It can be time consuming and overwhelming but it’s worth it. I mean seriously, my to-be-read list is out of control but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I always think of myself as a reader that writes reviews. I love reading and sharing what I think about books so it turns out it’s a pretty great fit for me. I truly love it! If you ran into me at a bookstore, what’s written in my reviews is what I would say.

Book bloggers and authors are wonderful people and I am thankful for all the friendships I have formed with both. It’s amazing how something like reading can bring so many people together. Extra special thanks to Holly from Holly’s Hot Reads, Rebecca, Blia, Angy, Lauren Blakely, Helena Hunting, Stacey Kennedy, Nina Bocci, Aven Ellis, Tamie from BookTemptations, Holly’s Red Hot Reviews, Christina Lee, Helen from All Booked Out, and the SUBCLUBbooks… I know there are more and I’ll feel bad later for forgetting everyone. Friends, bloggers, authors – THANK YOU!

I was also going to list my book boyfriends but that’s a ridiculously long list. There are so many. Too many. At least they’re fictional and I don’t feel all schmarmy and cheap about it. ha! I will say though – Will from Beautiful Player, you will always have a special place in my heart!

Lastly, I’d like to thank you. You the reader of my blog and of books. You who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Thank YOU for being here. I am a blog reader too and I know how many there are out there. I follow people on Twitter and Facebook just like you and I know how many choices you have. I am genuinely grateful and appreciative that you take the time to follow me. Every retweet I get, starred favorite, share, or like brings a smile to my face and I am so very thankful. THANK YOU.



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