Review: Wild Man (Dream Man #2) by Kristen Ashley

Wild Man

Wild Man (Dream Man #2) by Kristen Ashley



She's about to walk on the wild side . . .

While filling the display case in her bakery, the bell over the door sounds and Tessa O'Hara looks up to see the man of her dreams. Within thirty seconds he asks her out for a beer. But after four months of dating, she discovers he's an undercover DEA agent-and he's investigating her possible role in her ex-husband's drug business. For Tess, this means their relationship is over.

Brock disagrees. He's committed to his anti-drug mission, but he's fallen in love with the beautiful woman who's as sweet as her cupcakes-and he'll do anything to win her back. Standing between Tess and Brock are their own exes, one of them a drug lord who's determined to get what he wants. Now as danger threatens, can Brock break the rules he's lived by and let loose his wild side to protect the woman he loves?



4 out of 5 stars

Such an excellent read! I totally enjoyed it!

This was such a detailed story with great characters and a nice build. I loved Tess and her development. Really coming into her own and being a strong woman who is just inherently good and fights when she needs too. I thought she was wonderful. And Brock. Oh goodness. New book boyfriend! Loved him. So sweet, caring, and protective. The perfect kind of alpha male that is not overbearing but the right mix of in charge, loving, and sexy. I loved them together and how there relationship developed. There was a nice amount of heat but it wasn't overly done. They definitely had a good connection. ;-)

There were bits of drama mixed in thanks to people in both their pasts but until the end, it was just mild drama but it created a nice suspense element. This was an emotional story that really focused on them and their relationship and it was wonderful.

Loved all the secondary characters involved that I've met in other Kirsten Ashley stories and how they were worked into this story as well as some new characters. I love the ladies when they all get together, Elvira is a personal favorite  of mine. There were bits of humor thorough that I loved. I liked all the different dynamics and relationships happening. It was just a well rounded story. That being said, I enjoyed Tess and Brocks story but the front half felt a bit long to me. I liked it but I was ready for a bit more action. 

I thought this was another great KA story. She has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I would totally recommend this and look forward Law Man, the next book in this series as well as her other works. 



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