Review:​ Beyond Reason (Texas Trilogy #1) by Kat Martin

I love a good mystery and Beyond Reason definitely fit the bill. This was a totally entertaining romantic suspense story and I was hooked!



  Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason (Texas Trilogy #1) by Kat Martin 


Five weeks ago Carly Drake stood at her grandfather’s grave. Now she’s burying Drake Trucking’s top driver, and the cops have no leads on the hijacking or murder. Faced with bankruptcy, phone threats and the fear of failure, Carly has to team up with the last man she wants to owe—Lincoln Cain.

Cain is magnetic, powerful, controlling—and hiding more than one secret. He promised Carly’s granddad he’d protect her. The old man took a chance on him when he was nothing but a kid with a record, and now he’s the multi-millionaire owner of a rival firm.

But Linc’s money can’t protect Carly from the men who’ll do anything to shut her down, or the secrets behind Drake Trucking. If she won’t sell out, the only way to keep her safe is to keep her close . . . and fight like hell.


4 out of 5 stars

This was so, so good! Beyond Reason was a great romantic suspense story with likable characters and a really intriguing mystery happening. I totally enjoyed it.

Lincoln and Carly were awesome. I really enjoyed these two and their relationship. They were just good together and had a great connection and I loved their chemistry. I liked their ease of coming together and getting to know each other in the middle of everything that was going on. There was some push and pull since they're both stubborn but it made them coming together entertaining. I loved how Linc took care of Carly and how he was there for her. There were some nice heated moments but nothing over the top, definitely a lower heat kind of read.

I loved the mystery element and even though this was romance I felt it was equally balanced with the intrigue that was playing out. I loved the little breadcrumbs being discovered as the story built. I couldn't wait to find out who the bad guy was. It was exciting to read! There is good drama throughout and a great supporting cast.

This was a solid story, it had a decent pace but did drag a bit in the second half for me, there were great details, and there was really good development. There were a lot of different things thrown into the mix to keep me on my toes. That being said, I felt this was a bit of a lighter read, so even though I loved the mystery, it wasn't super intense or gritty. A few elements came into play I wasn't expecting and I loved the fact that I was surprised.

It was a totally entertaining who-done-it! There is something nice about a mystery that isn't to taxing, just a great story with a good flow full of obstacles that really hooks you and keeps you turning the page.

Complimentary copy received for honest review.



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