Review: Wicked Favor (Wicked Horse Vegas #1) by Sawyer Bennett

I couldn’t wait to start Wicked Favor and once I picked it up, I pretty much couldn't put it down. The naughtiness in Sin City was awesome. This was a fantastic read!



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Wicked Favor (Wicked Horse Vegas #1) by Sawyer Bennett 


New York Times bestselling author, Sawyer Bennett, is happy to introduce a new Wicked Horse club in Las Vegas and you’re cordially invited to attend the grand opening...

As the owner of The Wicked Horse, an elite sex club located along the Vegas Strip, Jerico Jameson never spends the night alone. Gorgeous, ripped, and totally alpha, Jerico doesn’t grant favors and will rarely give you the time of day—unless he wants you in his bed. So when the sister of his sworn enemy shows up asking for help, saying no should be easy. But when Jerico takes one look at her and sees an opportunity to help this beautiful woman while exacting revenge on her brother, he’s not about to pass that up.

Beaten and bruised, Trista Barnes is running out of options, and Jerico is her last chance to get out of the mess she’s in. She doesn’t know why Jerico despises her brother so much, but as long as he can help her, she doesn’t care. Jerico offers her safety while opening her up to a sinful world she never knew existed.

As she succumbs to Jerico’s erotic charm, Trista lets herself fall into the wicked world of guilt free pleasure with no regrets. Under his strong alpha hand, she blooms, and so does Jerico’s possessiveness. But what happens when Trista finds out she was a pawn in Jerico’s game all along, and that the price for his favor was steeper than she ever imagined – her heart.


5 out of 5 stars

Wicked Favor was so incredibly fantastic! There was off the charts, smoking hot sex, awesome characters, and a wonderful story that was so sweet and playful. Great writing and flow between the POV’s that had me hooked. I could not put it down! For all these reasons and so many more is why Sawyer Bennett will always be a go-to author for me. Loved this so much!

Jericho and Trista were amazing characters. They had awesome histories that were laid out and I liked them immediately. I was intrigued right from the beginning and was all in. I loved Trista just putting her self out there and opening up to so many things and really experiencing this opportunity she was in. She was funny and sweet and I loved how playful she was with Jericho. Jericho was sex on a stick! He was just this smart, commanding man that knew what he wanted and I loved that power he exuded. It was a wonderful thing to watch him change and grow throughout the story. They are so playful together during sex, as they explore their limits and she opens herself up to new things. Their chemistry was amazing and their need for one another is insatiable.

The sex was super freaking panty melting hot. I'm pretty sure this story contains one of the hottest scenes I've ever read. I had to put my Kindle down to regroup because da-amn. Sawyer Bennett writes fantastic, detailed, well developed scenes. But besides the heat that's happening, there is also this wonderful connection between the characters that really pulls you in. So yes, it's extremely hot sex but it's just so much more.

The writing was fantastic. I loved the storyline and the conflict presented and why Trista was seeking out Jericho. I loved Jericho's internal battle that he was dealing with. It was so well developed with the prefect pace and it flowed so well. I loved the dual POV, I'd be on batted breath wanting to get back to the other persons voice. I was consumed by it all! I'm so excited about this series and am super curious about Kynan. I love all the characters introduced can't wait to see where this new series will go.

Wicked Favor brings the heat and the love for sure. I didn't think it could get better than the original Wicked Horse series (because I loved each and every one of those stories) but the author out did herself because this was amazeballs.

Complimentary copy received for honest review.


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Have you read Sawyer Bennett before? I love her work and was thrilled to start this new spin-off series from The Wicked Horse. Do you have a favorite series that branched off from another? Let Me Know!


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