Review: ​In Bed with a Highlander (The McCabe Trilogy #1) by Maya Banks

My journey into historical romance continues. The McCabe Trilogy by Maya Banks was highly recommended to me so I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. I had so much fun reading this, it was incredibly entertaining. I loved every second!


  In Bed with a Highlander

In Bed with a Highlander (The McCabe Trilogy #1) by Maya Banks 


Maya Banks' beguiling new trilogy features three unforgettable brothers risking everything to save their clan and their legacy—and to surrender their hearts to love.

Ewan McCabe, the eldest, is a warrior determined to vanquish his enemy. Now, with the time ripe for battle, his men are ready and Ewan is poised to take back what is his—until a blue-eyed, raven-haired temptress is thrust upon him. Mairin may be the salvation of Ewan's clan, but for a man who dreams only of revenge, matters of the heart are strange territory to conquer.

The illegitimate daughter of the king, Mairin possesses prized property that has made her a pawn—and wary of love. Her worst fears are realized when she is rescued from peril only to be forced into marriage by her charismatic and commanding savior, Ewan McCabe. But her attraction to her ruggedly powerful new husband makes her crave his surprisingly tender touch; her body comes alive under his sensual mastery. And as war draws near, Mairin's strength, spirit, and passion challenge Ewan to conquer his demons—and embrace a love that means more than revenge and land.


5 out of 5 stars

I loved this so much! I couldn't put it down and found it to be an addicting read - pure fun! I was so excited about everything, loving the characters and diving into this world.

I loved Mairin. She was spunky and feisty and maybe a bit naïve but I loved that she stood her ground. She was so sweet and loved fiercely but she wasn't very trusting in the beginning. Ewan, oh my. Totally swoon worthy! I need more brutish Scottish Highlanders in my life. These two together were like fire and ice in the beginning since Mairin would stand up for herself and not take any crap from him. It was so entertaining.

I loved watching Mairen and Ewan get to know each other, see those special moments form and bonds development. I loved her challenging him and figuring out her place. I loved his reactions to her because she could be so exasperating. I seriously could picture him rolling his eyes. It was just awesome to read. I could not get enough of those tender moments as well. And hot moments. Because wow! HOT!

Right from the start I was mesmerized and pulled in. It was intense but awesome. I loved the writing and descriptions. There was an excellent build to the story as all the details unfolded. There was a great pace as well. I couldn't get enough! There was an excellent cast of characters. Ewan’s brothers, the other soldiers, the women where they lived, and sweet Crispin. There's a lot of drama with a bad guy and things happening with the King and it was just all very exciting to read. I felt a part of this world and loved the style of storytelling.

Mairin and Ewan were such passionate, loyal, and loving characters. I cannot wait for the next book and thankfully all the books in the trilogy are out. I loved it all!




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