Review: Never Love a Highlander (The McCabe Trilogy #3) by Maya Banks

I loved ever single second of this trilogy but hands down Never Love a Highlander was my favorite, I couldn’t get enough. This was sexy, feisty fun!



Review: Never Love a Highlander (The McCabe Trilogy #3) by Maya Banks | About That Story 

Never Love a Highlander (The McCabe Trilogy #3) Maya Banks 


In a tale of strong ties and true love, Maya Banks' trilogy comes to its conclusion, as the youngest McCabe brother uses sword and seduction to save his clan - and seal his heart.

Caelen McCabe’s young, reckless heart nearly destroyed his clan. Now, putting family loyalty above all else, he steps up to marry his older brother’s jilted bride and salvage the uneasy alliance between two clans. While beautiful Rionna McDonald is a fit wife for any man, Caelen trusts no woman, especially not this sweet temptress who torments him with white-hot longing.

As the sacrificial lamb in her father’s power game, Rionna will do her duty but vows to protect her heart and her pride from humiliation. Despite everything, though, the heat in Caelen’s touch melts her defenses, and she craves the sensual delights of a husband who guards his emotions as fiercely as his clan. But when the ultimate battle for the McCabe legacy is upon them, Rionna’s true warrior spirit emerges. She will risk the wrath of her father, the fury of her enemies, and her life to prove to Caelen that his wife’s love is too precious to lose.


5 out of 5 stars

I loved all the books in the trilogy but this was my FAVORITE! It's always the super gruff alpha types that get me. Such a fantastic story and I was hooked on every word.

I loved Caelen and Rionna together and separately. Caelen is all grumpy and alpha but underneath is all this sweetness and I loved seeing him wage this war with himself over his feelings. I love how he stepped in for his family to marry Rionna. Rionna was awesome, such a strong heroine and I loved how tough she was. She was so inexperienced in the beginning when it came to men and I loved her trepidation and finding her way and embracing that side of herself. Rionna's personality and what Caelen expected from her made for a lot of ups and downs and I loved that argumentativeness and the heat it generated. It was fun and sweet and sexy. I loved their clashing personalities, it made it incredibly entertaining to read. The heat level is holy wow! When these two start to really connect that passion skyrockets and its way hot and steamy.

Caelen and Rionna were hard headed and stubborn and I liked the conflict for them that was created. I couldn't wait for that moment when things clicked for Caelen. There is awesome drama and action happening as well. There is a story line that's carried over through the course of the series and I loved the action packed conclusion that it came to. I was totally cheering!

Fantastic storytelling. Loved the writing, pace, and build. I thought it had a great flow. I was so caught up from the very beginning and honestly couldn't put it down. I loved the time period and the issues faced and how the women fought what was expected of them and were challenging to their men, it made it exciting and fun to read. I also love the element of drama involved and how it kept me on the edge of my seat. Most of all I love the characters opening up and getting to truly be who they are and embracing their future. It was a well thought out, excellent read that truly was amazing.

I can't begin to say enough good things. I loved the gruff warrior opening his heart and the warrior princess being truly loved and accepted. It just made me so incredibly happy. Maya Banks writes a heck of a story. I highly recommend this!


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