Book Review: Deadly Obsession (Steele Ops #1) by April Hunt

This was fast-paced, exciting fun. A Great start to the Steele Ops series for sure. Be sure to check it out!

Book Review: Deadly Obsession (Steele Ops #1) by April Hunt | About That Story
Deadly Obsession (Steele Ops #1) by April Hunt

Someone is watching their every move.

After a lifetime spent in and out of hospitals, Zoey Wright is tired of playing it safe. She’s ready to take charge of her own life and get out of her comfort zone, starting with a new job as a CSI agent. But when her childhood crush Knox Steele gets pulled onto her case, Zoey needs to put her feelings for him aside or more women will die at the hands of the serial killer preying on her hometown.

Former Army Ranger Knox Steele is back in Washington to help his brothers open an elite private security firm. He never expected to stumble onto a crime scene, or see his best friend’s little sister working it. Zoey is all grown up now, and the attraction between them is electric, despite his best efforts to resist it. But all that changes for Knox when he realizes the victims have one thing in common . . . and Zoey might be next.

3.5 out of 5 stars

This was a fast-paced, exciting read. I liked Knox and Zoey, learning about them and their history and liked the conflict presented. I really liked the suspense element added giving it a bit of a CSI who-done-it feel. It was an intriguing read with a good amount of drama and a nice bit of sexy mixed in. I was guessing who the bad guy was and couldn't wait to find out.

I liked the build as Zoey and Knox came together. I liked all the characters involved, Knox's brothers and cousin and Zoey's brother. I am curious about the storyline between Grace and Cade and thought it set the next story in the series up well. I thought this was a great series starter, laying out characters and hinting at relationships.

There was a good start laying it all out and by 20% I was into it. This was one of those times I had a hard time putting it down because I was excited about what would happen next but at the same time, I'd get frustrated because some things felt glossed over and not flushed out. There were two characters involved that felt odd to me as well and I was left with lingering questions and a lot of why's? I’m hoping it gets addressed in the next book. Also, there was this great build is to the ending but I felt it was rushed once it got there.

Basically, I liked it a lot but had some issues. I thought the storyline was great but sometimes the execution left me wanting more. Overall I felt it was really good and plan on continuing with the series.

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