Book Review: Cowboy Come Home (Once Upon a Time in Texas #2) by Carly Bloom

Carly Bloom writes such entertaining, sexy stories filled with amazing wit and awesome characters. If they were real, I'd totally hang out with them. The second book in the Once Upon a Time series is officially live. Be sure to check out Cowboy Come Home today!

Book Review: Cowboy Come Home (Once Upon a Time in Texas #2) by Carly Bloom | About That Story
Cowboy Come Home (Once Upon a Time in Texas #2) by Carly Bloom

Welcome to Big Verde, Texas, where a love-'em-and-leave-'em cowboy faces his greatest challenge yet---the woman he left behind. Perfect for fans of New York Times bestselling authors Lori Wilde and Carolyn Brown.

Some cowboys aren't cut out to be Prince Charming---and Claire Kowalski knows that better than anyone. She gave her heart to Ford Jarvis two years ago, yet that didn't keep him from disappearing into the sunset. Now that he's back in Big Verde, Texas, she's determined not to make the same mistake twice. But the ruggedly sexy cowboy still knows how to push all her buttons, and avoiding him is nearly impossible when she needs his help.

Ford didn't plan on returning home---ever---but when he hears that the Kowalski ranch is in trouble, he hightails it back to town. He's not eager to be reminded of the life he can never have, but his time in Big Verde is only temporary. He'll stay long enough to get the ranch up and running, then hit the road again. But when Ford finds out the new foreman he's training is Claire, still as stubborn and beautiful as ever, this cowboy is going to have to decide what matters most---repeating the mistakes of the past or fighting for a future with the only woman he's ever loved.

5 out of 5 stars 

This was so fantastic! Cowboy Come Home had a wonderful mix of wit, emotion, and passion and was so entertaining to read. This story filled me up, thrilled me, and made me ridiculously happy!

I loved Claire, she was a strong and giving woman who loved with her whole heart. Ford was incredibly sexy and mysterious and I was immediately drawn to him. I loved learning about them and their history. I loved that inner fight they had as they try to stay away from each other. Their chemistry was electric! Ford is fighting such a battle within himself and I felt for him, understood him, and couldn't wait for him to get to that moment of clarity where he figures it all out. Claire was going through a lot too, my heart hurt for her. I love how she carries on, fighting to make things work. I loved the drama, the passion, the verbal sparring, and the heat. Together they had so many ups and downs as they worked through their issues but I loved them coming together and I was filled with so much anticipation.

I love the cast of characters involved, they are so likable and are just a fun group I want to hang out with. Any scene involving Bubba was a winner! There were so many entertaining things happening with all their friends and family, the couples, the book club, I was laughing so much, it was awesome. I loved Claire's dad, he was such a good guy with a big heart. I'm very happy with his outcome.

This story was a blast to read. It had all these humorous moments with excellent dialogue. There's a nice bit of heat happening too though this one had a bit of a slow burn feel to me. Mixed in, there’s a nice amount of emotion taking place and I got choked up several times. The writing was fantastic. I was so drawn into the scenes and could picture the ranch thanks to the great details. I loved the healing and love, openness, and heart. It was a wonderful read!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.

Book Review: Cowboy Come Home (Once Upon a Time in Texas #2) by Carly Bloom | About That Story

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Book Review: Cowboy Come Home by Carly Bloom | About That Story

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