Book Review: Rifts and Refrains (Hush Note #2) by Devney Perry + Excerpt

A rock star romance and a single father is involved? Oh heck ya, sign me up! I was so excited to dive into Rifts and Refrains by Devney Perry and I pretty much inhaled it. This story had my emotions riding high and I loved every single second!

Book Review: Rifts and Refrains (Hush Note #2) by Devney Perry
Rifts and Refrains (Hush Note #2) by Devney Perry

From the moment Quinn Montgomery sat behind her first snare and cymbal set, she was destined for fame and glory. As Hush Note’s infamous female drummer, she sets the rhythm for the band’s chart-toppings hits. When people tap their feet to their music, it’s to her pulse.

Quinn is content to live in a world away from her family and the cage of her youth. Her only regret is leaving Graham Hayes behind without a goodbye. No matter how many sold-out stadiums she plays, no matter how many crowds sing her songs, his voice haunts her when the music stops.

When a family tragedy forces her to return home to Montana, she plans to leave the second she’s paid her respects. But seeing Graham again turns her life upside down. As a boy, he wasn’t able to make her stay. As a man, he might be her future.

If they can mend their rifts and find solace in the refrains. 

5 out of 5 stars

This was an absolutely beautiful, heartfelt story filled with so much healing and growth. I was caught up in all the emotion as everything was learned and Quinn and Graham reconnected. It consumed me and I loved it all.

I loved learning about Quinn and Graham and their history together. Quinn seemed a bit broken with walls up but I loved her determination to move forward. Graham was so sweet, I loved him with his son and working through his feelings for Quinn. Them reconnecting was angst-filled and tense, I could feel that pain, and I was instantly caught up in knowing the why behind it all. I loved the build to those details and the developing layers. I really liked that this was first person, dual POV. I felt like I was really able to get into their heads and understand where they were at then and now. I loved them opening up and sharing and watching their attraction reignite. I never wanted to stop reading!

There were so many wonderful characters. I loved meeting Quinn's bandmates and will definitely be reading their stories. I love the family they've formed and how they're there for one another. Graham’s son was amazing, anything with him involved made my heart happy. I really enjoyed the story with Quinn's family as well. There was so much pain and hurt between them and I loved the build to them opening up and beginning the process of healing.

Rifts and Refrains had my emotions riding high the majority of the time, I love everything it brought out in me. It was an incredible story about healing, love, and letting go. It was emotional for sure but I also felt it was really uplifting. A definite page-turner!

Complimentary paperback received from the author for review.


“Remember when we used to lie in the back of my truck and count stars?”

“You’d count one, then I’d count one. I think the highest we ever got was—”

“Two hundred seventy-one.”

She laughed. “We’d get bored and start making out.”

I stepped away from the door, turning my head to the heavens so I wouldn’t stare at her lips. “One.”

She moved closer. “Two.”

“Three.” I dropped my gaze and found hers waiting.

“Four,” she whispered.

Five came when my lips brushed against hers, slow and soft at first, teasing and testing. But then her arms wound around my shoulders and all rational thought disappeared. 

Devney is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in Washington with her husband and two sons. Born and raised in Montana, she loves writing books set in her treasured home state. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her family. Writing one book, let alone many, was not something she ever expected to do. But now that she's discovered her true passion for writing romance, she has no plans to ever stop.

Book Review: Rifts and Refrains by Devney Perry | About That Story
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This is the first rock star romance I've read in a while and I loved it. Do you have a favorite rock star romance? Let me know!

Book Review: Rifts and Refrains by Devney Perry | About That Story

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