Book Review: The Duke Heist (The Wild Wynchesters #1) by Erica Ridley

The Duke Heist was witty, charming, and exciting with super fun characters. And the cover? Totally gorgeous! If you're looking for an entertaining escape, this would be perfect!

Book Review: The Duke Heist (The Wild Wynchesters #1) by Erica Ridley
The Duke Heist (The Wild Wynchesters #1) by Erica Ridley

NYT bestselling author kicks off a new Regency series of "irresistible romance and a family of delightful scoundrels" as a woman looking to recover a stolen painting accidentally kidnaps a duke instead. (Eloisa James)

Chloe Wynchester is completely forgettable—a curse that gives her the ability to blend into any crowd. When the only father she's ever known makes a dying wish for his adopted family of orphans to recover a missing painting, she's the first one her siblings turn to for stealing it back. No one expects that in doing so, she'll also abduct a handsome duke.

Lawrence Gosling, the Duke of Faircliffe, is tortured by his father's mistakes. To repair his estate's ruined reputation, he must wed a highborn heiress. Yet when he finds himself in a carriage being driven hell-for-leather down the cobblestone streets of London by a beautiful woman who refuses to heed his commands, he fears his heart is hers. But how can he sacrifice his family's legacy to follow true love?

4 out of 5 stars

The Duke Heist was such an exciting and entertaining read. The Wild Winchesters are wild indeed! I enjoyed getting to know Chloe and Lawrence and watching them fall in love. It was outrageous fun and I had a blast reading it!

I really liked Chloe and Lawrence and how they meet. Chloe kidnapping him was hilarious. Lawrence seemed so uptight and arrogant in the beginning but I loved getting to know him and why he had his guard up. I loved seeing him open up, how sweet and caring he really was and I loved those moments when he was truly himself. I really liked Chloe and loved learning her history. It was interesting how she saw herself and I loved watching her really emerge, be seen, and gain confidence. I loved the attraction between them and the playfulness and flirting, as well as the conflicts that were keeping them apart. There were really wonderful interactions and dialogue between Chloe and Lawrence. I loved that building chemistry and them coming together. 

The siblings are all fantastic with distinct personalities. Sometimes things felt a bit chaotic when it was all of them in a scene but it was 100% fun and adventurous. I love how they made a family of their own and how supportive they were of one another. There were some really stand-out scenes with Chloe’s sister Tommy that totally had me laughing. I loved Lawrence with his staff and how they seemed to form a bond of their own. I love how the Wynchester’s embraced Lawrence and how perceptions were changed for all of them. 

This was a totally entertaining and witty story with a nice flow and details and an awesome build. It wasn't super in depth but gave me just what I needed to keep me thoroughly engaged. I loved the dual POVs and getting the different perspectives of what Chloe and Lawrence were feeling and going through. It was fast-paced, light, and enjoyable, and a really good way to kick of a new series. A totally delightful read with charming and clever characters that made for a great escape!

Complimentary copy received from Forever Romance.

Book Review: The Duke Heist by Erica Ridley | About That Story
Thank you Forever Romance for the finished copy of The Duke Heist.

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I can't stress how fun this story was! I was smiling the entire time. What's a story that you found totally entertaining? Let me know!

Book Review: The Duke Heist by Erica Ridley | About That Story

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