Book Review: Life's Too Short by Abby Jimenez

I absolutely love this series! As soon as my paperback arrived, I dove right in. I was caught up in Vanessa and Adrian's lives and couldn't put it down. Life's Too Short was incredibly entertaining and heartfelt. 

Book Review: Life's Too Short (The Friend Zone #3) by Abby Jimenez | About That Story
Life's Too Short (The Friend Zone #3) by Abby Jimenez

A brilliant and touching romantic comedy from the USA Today bestselling author of The Friend Zone and The Happy Ever After Playlist.
When Vanessa Price quit her job to pursue her dream of traveling the globe, she wasn't expecting to gain millions of YouTube followers who shared her joy of seizing every moment. For her, living each day to its fullest isn't just a motto. Her mother and sister never saw the age of 30, and Vanessa doesn't want to take anything for granted.
But after her half sister suddenly leaves Vanessa in custody of her baby daughter, life goes from "daily adventure" to "next-level bad" (now with bonus baby vomit in hair). The last person Vanessa expects to show up offering help is the hot lawyer next door, Adrian Copeland. After all, she barely knows him. No one warned her that he was the Secret Baby Tamer or that she'd be spending a whole lot of time with him and his geriatric Chihuahua.
Now she's feeling things she's vowed not to feel. Because the only thing worse than falling for Adrian is finding a little hope for a future she may never see.

5 out of 5 stars

Life’s Too Short was amazing! Abby Jimenez took a hard subject and presented it in a light, fun, and engaging way that sucked me in from the very first page. I was caught up in Vanessa and Adrian’s lives, loved their building friendship and romance, and was rooting for them the entire time.

I loved Vanessa, she was a ray of sunshine. She had an infections personality and I loved her living life to its fullest even though she had a heavy weight on her shoulders taking care of her niece and with the possibility of ALS in her future. Adrian was so sweet and caring and I instantly loved him. I loved them becoming friends and their fun and flirty banter and playful moments. He was so buttoned up and in control and I loved the bits of chaos and light Vanessa brought to his life. Adrian with the baby was totally adorable, I love how he stepped in and helped out. I loved when their feelings started to grow and the conflict involved, I was filled with so much anticipation for them to get together. There was a cute, grumpy dog too which I thought was a great addition.

There were so many wonderful, heartfelt, and entertaining scenes that filled me up and made me happy. This was an exceptional romantic comedy with great humor. I laughed and cried my way through it but mostly laughed. There's a nice mix of drama and emotion and I thought there was a nice balance to it all. When the heartache comes it's killer and it was hard because I understood where they were both coming from and felt so much for them. It made for an excellent ending that had me on the edge of my seat.

This was really fantastic storytelling and I felt pulled in the entire time. It was entertaining and witty and genuine and real. I loved all the characters, the healing happening, and seeing favorites characters from the first two books as well. The third book in the Friend Zone series is not to be missed. This was a wonderful read. 

Book Review: Life's Too Short by Abby Jimenez | About That Story

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Book Review: Life's Too Short by Abby Jimenez | About That Story