Book Review: Say No More (Sacramento #2) by Karen Rose

The second installment in the Sacramento series was excellent. There was never a time I wanted to put my book down because I was so excited about what would happen next. Say No More was absolutely thrilling!

Book Review: Say No More (Sacramento #2) by Karen Rose | About That Story
Say No More (Sacramento #2) by Karen Rose

Mercy Callahan thought she'd escaped the cult decades ago, but its long fingers are reaching out for her again in this electrifying novel in the Sacramento series by New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose.

Seventeen years ago. That was the last time Mercy Callahan saw Ephraim Burton, the leader of the twisted Eden cult where she was raised. But even though she escaped the abuse and terror, they continue to haunt her.

When her brother Gideon discovers new evidence of the cult's--and their victims'--whereabouts, Mercy goes to Sacramento to reconnect with him. There, she meets Gideon's closest friend--homicide detective Rafe Sokolov. From Rafe, she receives an offer she never knew she needed: to track down Ephraim and make him pay for everything.

But Ephraim, who had thought Mercy long dead, discovers she is in fact alive and that she is digging around for the cult's secrets. And now he'll do anything to take her back to Eden--dead or alive.

5 out of 5 stars

Say No More was a gripping, intense, and thrilling story that had me riveted from beginning to end. There was a fantastic build with amazing details filled with twists and turns that had me holding my breath, captivated. I am officially a Karen Rose fan!

I loved Mercy and Rafe. I felt so much for Mercy and all she'd endured. She’s got a painful and brutal history and I loved watching her heal and grow over the course of the story. Rafe was dealing with his own struggles and I loved learning his history as well as what happened between the two of them in the last book. Together they’re so caring and sweet and there for each other. I loved their chemistry, them opening up and trusting, and being vulnerable. I thought there was a wonderful development to them coming together in the midst of all the chaos.

The mystery and suspense had me hooked. After the first book, I couldn’t wait to learn more about Eden and I ate up every detail. I loved learning about Ephraim, he was an awesome bad guy. Cruel and despicable yes, but he was very well written. There were several POVs and I loved all the different connections and how those connections were discovered bit by bit over the course of the story. I was always excited about who I’d hear from next. Each of the characters involved felt rich and detailed and added so much to the story. I love Rafe’s family, the Sokolov’s, and the love and humor they brought as well as heart and support. I loved learning more about Gideon and Mercy and the healing between the two, there was so much emotion between them, it was palpable.

The chapters were so full and detailed, so by the time the action-packed ending came around, I was on the edge of my seat. I am excited for the final book in the Sacramento series and what will happen with Eden. I loved getting more of Tom and seeing his personality really shine and meeting his love interest for the next book. This story has a HEA for Mercy and Rafe but the overall storyline about Eden continues in Say Goodbye. I can’t wait!

Book Review: Say No More by Karen Rose | About That Story

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Book Review: Say No More by Karen Rose | About That Story