Book Review: Just One Favor by Stephanie Rose

As soon as I read the synopsis for Just One Favor, I jumped right in. Enemies-to-lovers stories are my addiction. It was such a sweet and entertaining read and I loved Tyler and Olivia moving on from the past and getting their HEA. Be sure to check it out!

Book Review: Just One Favor by Stephanie Rose
Just One Favor by Stephanie Rose

Tyler Bennett and I hate each other.

The annoying jerk my parents forced me to play with as a kid grew up to be a sexy, grumpy baker who still can’t stand me. Sure, maybe I enjoy our bitter banter, his cocky smirk, his chocolate chip cookies. But there’s a reason I can’t play nice.

You’re wondering why—if I hate the guy so much—did I agree to be his fake date to his cousin’s wedding? Look. Just because I love being a pain in the man’s well-formed butt doesn’t mean I want someone else torturing him. Especially not the ex-fiancĂ©e who left him for his best friend.

One night of faking it takes an unexpected turn. Heated glances, lingering touches, that arrogant mouth against mine. One night of getting swept away in an attraction that maybe isn’t so one-sided after all.

Aside from this new, tentative friendship laced with sexual tension, something else has grown out of that night.

And Tyler and I will have to figure it all out…in about nine months.

Author’s note: Just One Favor is an enemies-to-lovers standalone romance with a hot side of longing, sexually-charged banter, a broken hotel bed, and chocolate cream pie.

4 out of 5 stars

Just One Favor was an awesome read! I am a huge fan of enemies to lovers so I was excited to read this. I had a great time learning all about Tyler and Olivia and that animosity between them. It was entertaining, sweet, and sexy with a nice bit of angst mixed in. There’s also a mention of 9 months later in the synopsis and I was all in. 

Tyler and Olivia were charming characters. I liked learning their history about why they didn’t get along and what was underneath it all. I felt for Olivia and where she was at in life and all that Tyler was trying to accomplish with his business. I loved the favor aspect and how they saw each other in a new light because of it. I loved the push and pull between them and the building sexual tension. I loved their walls coming down and them opening up. There’s also the 9 months later factor that added an extra layer of goodness that I really liked. They have a lot of ups and downs but I loved them together, that chemistry they had, and all the emotional moments.

This was a fast-paced read with good details. It gave me just what I needed to keep me hooked and turning the page because I was eager to find out what would happen next. There were fun scenes and sad ones too, a bit of mild drama that was easily resolved, and a nice amount of heat. I did get frustrated with them on occasion because of their lack of communication but they got there in the end and it was worth the wait.

This is one of those stories that has a little bit of everything I like and I felt invested the entire time. I enjoyed the characters and storyline and thought they had a wonderful HEA. 

Complimentary copy received from That's What She Said Publishing.

"Entertaining story with charming characters. I was hooked!" - About That Story

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