Book Review: No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose

No Vacancy was an entertaining and smokin' hot read filled with engaging characters, light drama, and insta-lust. It made for a fast, fun read!

Book Review: No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose | About That Story
No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose

Can you really fall in love with a stranger?

At thirty-three, my life was passing me by and I hadn’t even noticed. After walking in on my cheating ex, I took off on a solo vacation to figure out where things had gone wrong.

I wandered into the restaurant across the street from my hotel late that night for a beer and something deep-fried. Instead, I found a gorgeous man with a kind ear to go along with his sexy blue eyes.

I didn’t plan on falling into Joe's bed and definitely didn’t expect anything more than an awkward parting of ways the next morning. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans…

It all felt too right too fast, but there was no room in our lives for more than just a summer fling.

You’re supposed to feel sad when vacation ends, but is it supposed to break your heart?

No Vacancy is a feel-good romance full of delicious banter, scorching chemistry, and bar apps with a dirty-talking hero and beach-side backdrop. It’s a STANDALONE spinoff of the Second Chances series.

4 out of 5 stars

No Vacancy was a totally entertaining, sexy and sweet story. I loved the instant connection and heat between Catarina and Joe, their chemistry was off the charts. I loved them coming together, the hot and heartfelt moments, and the conflict involved. I totally enjoyed this!

This was a fun and lively read right from the start. It jumps right in, laying it out and its steamy from the beginning. There's an insta-lust filled relationship happening and I was there for it. Joe was such a sweetheart… and hello dirty talker! I liked their flirting and the ease they had with one another. I liked learning what was going on in their lives, about Catarina's hardships and breakup, and how focused Joe was on his job.

There's a bit of conflict but I felt it was pretty light in the drama department. For the most part, this story was like a vacation for my brain because it wasn’t super taxing, it was just a a great read with likeable characters and super sexy times. I liked the dual POVs and enjoyed Catarina and Joe’s ups and downs. There are good details, not overly in depth, but enough to keep the story moving along at a good pace.

This was one of those stories that was all about the entertainment value for me. Awesome flirty sexiness with engaging characters and low angst. It was the light goodness I needed.

Complimentary copy received from That's What She Said Publishing.

Book Review: No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose | About That Story
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Book Review: No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose | About That Story