Book Review: Royally Remembered by Emma Chase

If you loved the Royally series, then you are going to love Royally Remembered. Each story was so touching and I couldn't read them fast enough. This companion novella was an extra layer of goodness on top of an already amazing series. It's not to be missed!

Book Review: Royally Remembered by Emma Chase
Royally Remembered (Royally #4.6) by Emma Chase

The lives of the Wessco royal family have always been extraordinary. Abounding in power and wealth, and marked by moments of soul-searing passion, exquisite love, and tragic loss.

In this collection of short stories, set during the time period of the Royally books and beyond, we explore the moments that helped shape these characters into the irresistible heroes and heroines readers have come to know and cherish.

We meet Prince Nicholas and Henry’s parents, Prince Thomas and Lady Calista; we see the struggle to balance family relationships with the demands of the monarchy; and we continue the story of Queen Lenora and Prince Edward, whose deep, abiding love lasts beyond a lifetime.

Royally Remembered
 is not a standalone—it is a companion novella meant to be read after Royally ScrewedRoyally MatchedRoyally Endowed, and Royally Yours.

5 out of 5 stars

I thought I knew what to expect, I thought I was prepared, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for the beauty and emotion this book was filled with. Filled me with. The short stories in Royally Remembered are a stunning tribute to Lenora and Edward, their life, legacy, and love. It was truly incredible.

If you are a fan of the Royally series, then this companion novella is a must-read. I loved seeing Edward and Lenora again, meeting Thomas and Calista, and watching Nicholas and Henry grow into the men they came to be. It was a beautiful love story filled with so much heart and soul, heartbreak and love. I cried. I totally cried. Every story got to me. The strength they all have as a family is amazing. I always liked Queen Lenora, and then when her story came about in Royally Yours, I loved her. And now, learning even more about her and how she always held her head up high, I find her inspiring. The relationship she and Edward had is one for the ages and I loved seeing more of that unbreakable bond through the good times and bad.

This was a fast read chalked full of emotion and love. I loved the descriptions and details and the meaningful and poignant conversations and dialogue. These are stories I didn't know I needed but I am so glad I got them. Truth be told, a part of me didn't want to read this because I didn't want to say goodbye but it was one heck of a goodbye that's not to be missed. Thank you, Emma chase. “Forever and always.”

Complimentary copy received.

Book Review: Royally Remembered by Emma Chase | About That Story
"A must-read for fans of the Royally series!" - About That Story

Thank you Valentine PR and Emma Chase for the finished copy of Royally Remembered.

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It's stated in the synopsis but just a reminder, this novella is not a standalone story. Royally Remembered is a series of short stories meant to be read after Royally Screwed, Royally Matched, Royally Endowed, and Royally Yours. This is one of my favorite series and I highly recommend it!

This book totally got to me and I got choked up more times than I can count. What's the last book that made you cry? Let me know!