New Release: The Rebel King by Gina L. Maxwell

Are you ready to head back to the dark and sensual world of the Deviant Kings? It's officially time. The second book in the series, The Rebel King, is now available.

New Release: The Rebel King by Gina L. Maxwell
The Rebel King (Deviant Kings #2) by Gina L. Maxwell

All work and no wicked play makes Tiernan a very unsatisfied king…

Of all the Verran brothers, Tiernan is the 
least suited to wear the Night Court crown. The Rebel Prince is happy with no responsibilities or accountability—just the freedom to pursue his own dark, lush pleasures in Sin City. Including his secret hunger for a certain smart-mouthed, fiery redhead.

Only, the possibility of having Fiona is stripped away when Tiernan is thrust into the one role he never wanted: 
king. As king of the Dark Fae, wanting—let alone pursuing—anything with a lower-caste fae like Fiona would shift from fun…to forbidden.

Now war is emerging from the shadows of Vegas, and Tiernan is caught between who he’s meant to be and who he 
wants. And somewhere in this maelstrom of lust, love, and rebellion is the key to the Dark Fae’s survival…even if the cost is more than he can imagine.

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