Book Review: A Rogue in Texas by Lorraine Heath

A Rogue in Texas was a great way to kick off a new series! It was entertaining and sexy with a good amount of emotion mixed in and one heck of a twist! Be sure to check it out!

Book Review: A Rogue in Texas by Lorraine Heath
A Rogue in Texas (Rogues in Texas #1) by Lorraine Heath

He was the wrong man for the job in every way but one . . .

Grayson Rhodes, the illegitimate son of a duke, heads to America to prove his worth and earn his fortune. But post-Civil War Texas seems more like hell than a land of opportunity, especially when he finds himself working the cotton fields of no-nonsense Abbie Westland. Abbie, with her fiery determination, is wildly different from the fragile beauties Grayson knew at home . . . but there is a tender yearning he can see just below her tough exterior.

Abbie works her fingers to the bone day-in and day-out, and she needs the help of a few good farmhands. Though skeptical of the polished Englishman when he arrives, she soon discovers a man with a resolve to succeed that matches her own. As the long, hot days turn to heated, passionate nights, they dare to dream of a future together.

4 out of 5 stars

A Rogue in Texas was a wonderful read! I liked Grayson and Abbie and the ups and downs of their relationship and was thrilled when they finally got their HEA. I thought this was fast-paced and entertaining with a good mix of emotions happening.

I loved Grayson. He was so sweet and not at all as roguish as he thought he was. I liked Abbie in the beginning but over the course of the story, I grew to love her. I liked them getting to know each other and how their feelings grew. I really liked Grayson finding his place and getting a real sense of belonging. I liked seeing Abbie grow and become more confident. I loved all the scenes with her kids, those were super sweet and tugged at my heart. There was a twist that I guessed was coming, the angst and drama stressed me out but it was that tension that made it extra exciting to read and I liked how it all came together at the end.

I thought this was a really good start to a new series and I flew through it. I liked Grayson’s friends and there was decent groundwork laid for future stories. This story is told from third person dual POV and normally the flow worked for me, sometimes however when it switched perspectives, it took me a second to adjust. I really enjoyed the overall storyline and couldn't wait for these two to get their HEA. It was fast-paced and gave me what I needed to keep moving along but wasn't weight down with unnecessary details.

This was an entertaining read with great scenes. There were a lot of special moments involved and I loved it when emotions came into play. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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