Book Review: The Best Laid Plans by Karla Sorensen

This was such a wonderful read. It was equal parts entertaining and heartfelt, I loved Burke and Charlotte's story and watching them fall in love. The Best Laid Plans was an excellent way to kick off a new series and I'm excited for what's next.

Book Review: The Best Laid Plans by Karla Sorensen
The Best Laid Plans (The Best Men #1) by Karla Sorensen

A tough-as-leather football player. A happy-go-lucky historian. It’s love against all odds in a warm and emotional romance about found family, friendship, and the restorative powers of the heart.

Former Dallas football player Burke Barrett is weathering a lot of changes. He’s retired from football. He’s mourning the loss of his best friend. And now he’s been bequeathed a dilapidated house in northern Michigan he doesn’t want. To his surprise it comes with a long-legged, blindly optimistic renovation manager with big ideas for Burke’s inheritance. She’s passionate, irritating, and irresistible.

Restoration expert Charlotte Cunningham is used to rough exteriors. This surly client, with his stubbled jaw, towering physique, and inflexible attitude, is worth smoothing over. The attraction sizzles, and a proposal is in order: a romantic tryst to relieve the tension. No strings attached. A safe bet for both of them since Burke is prepared to renovate, sell, and move on.

A pet project with an end date. Does that go for love too? Burke must decide what he really wants and what he’s willing to risk. He should know by now that the best-laid plans can change in a heartbeat.

4 out of 5 stars

The Best Laid Plans was such an incredible story filled with emotion and heart. I loved Burke and Charlotte and their entertaining banter. It was just as fun and sweet as it was heartfelt and somber. A truly great read!

I was immediately pulled into the story and caught up in everything Burke was feeling. I liked learning about him and his internal struggles. He seemed like such a gruff guy and I loved learning the why behind it and watching him open up and become vulnerable. I loved Charlotte. She was likable and fun and had a passion for what she did. Their first meeting was fantastic and I loved the feelings it brought out in them. I enjoyed the growth of their relationship, their verbal sparring and building chemistry, and all the sexual tension. I love the deal they made and how it evolved into so much more. They both had a lot they were struggling with because of their past and it was emotion-filled. I loved the build to them coming together at the end.

I enjoyed the storytelling and development. There was a solid start that had me invested, it did drag a bit in the middle for me and felt a tiny bit repetitive, but the ending was spectacular. I enjoyed all the characters. Charlotte’s aunt was awesome and crazy all rolled into one and Burke’s sister is a spitfire, both were instigators which brought some nice humor in. I loved the relationship Burke had with his sister, and how they were there for each other. I loved meeting Liam and am hoping he gets a story.

This was a wonderful read that was genuine and real with a nice balance between the emotional and entertaining scenes. I absolutely enjoyed it! 

Complimentary copy received from Montlake Publishing.

Book Review: The Best Laid Plans by Karla Sorensen
"Wonderful story filled with emotion and heart!" - About That Story

Thank you Montlake Publishing for the advanced copy of The Best Laid Plans.

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Karla Sorensen is a new-to-me author, I loved her writing style and this entertaining and heartfelt story. Who is the last new-to-you author you read? Let me know!