Book Review: Fangirl Down by Tessa Bailey

I loved Fangirl Down. LOVED! The characters, the wit, the emotion, and holy wow with the heat. This story consumed me. A must-read for sure!

Book Review: Fangirl Down by Tessa Bailey
Fangirl Down (Big Shots #1) by Tessa Bailey

#1 New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey launches a super sexy sports romance series with a rom-com about a bad boy professional athlete who falls for his biggest fan...

Wells Whitaker was once golf’s hottest rising star, but lately, all he has to show for his “promising” career is a killer hangover, a collection of broken clubs, and one remaining supporter. No matter how bad he plays, the beautiful, sunny redhead is always on the sidelines. He curses, she cheers. He scowls, she smiles. But when Wells quits in a blaze of glory and his fangirl finally goes home, he knows he made the greatest mistake of his life.

Josephine Doyle believed in the gorgeous, grumpy golfer, even when he didn’t believe in himself. Yet after he throws in the towel, she begins to wonder if her faith was misplaced. Then a determined Wells shows up at her door with a wild proposal: be his new caddy, help him turn his game around, and split the prize money. And considering Josephine’s professional and personal life is in shambles, she could really use the cash…

As they travel together, spending days on the green and nights in neighboring hotel rooms, sparks fly. Before long, they’re inseparable, Wells starts winning again, and Josephine is surprised to find a sweet, thoughtful guy underneath his gruff, growly exterior. This hot man wants to brush her hair, feed her snacks, and take bubble baths together? Is this real life? But Wells is technically her boss and an athlete falling for his fangirl would be ridiculous… right?

5 out of 5 stars

Fangirl Down was fantastic and everything I love about Tessa Bailey. There was never a time I wanted to put it down. This was so incredibly entertaining with the best banter and wit. Seriously, the verbal sparring was exceptional. I loved the build, the vulnerability, and the laugh-out-loud moments, and holy wow with the heat. It's safe to say this is a new favorite!

I loved every interaction between Wells and Josephine and learning about when she fangirled hard for him. The back and forth between these two was perfect, I smiled my way through. I loved Josephine and her strength and what she wanted to do for her shop. I loved her independence and how hard she worked. Wells. Oh goodness, Wells. I immediately liked his grumpy self but watching his growth throughout the story made me fall in love with him even more. He had all these quiet, swoon-worthy moments that had me melting. I loved him battling his feelings as he fell in love with Josephine. She pushed his buttons in this fun way that got him to open up. I thought there was a really good balance between the light-hearted moments and more serious ones. When Wells and Josephine get to the spicy times, it’s so hot I’m pretty sure my eyes glazed over several times (not even kidding!). The steam level is high!

I thought this was a well-developed story with a great build and I loved how it all unfolded. I liked the characters involved that brought some fun or created a bit of conflict and how that transformed and evolved over the story. I seriously loved meeting the couple who will be in the next book, The Au Pair Affair. Their first interactions in this made me giddy, no other way to put it. And since it's a single-father romance, which is my kryptonite, I'm already super excited to read it.

This book was thrilling in this exciting, entertaining, fills-me-up-and-makes-me-happy kind of way. Beyond the fun and sexy, it’s about two people falling in love, finding themselves and their path, and being together with newfound support. This was a truly excellent story and I can't recommend it enough. When stars align, this is what happens. You get a hole-in-one! (Why yes, I made a golf pun!)!

Book Review: Fangirl Down by Tessa Bailey | About That Story
"Pure entertainment filled with wit, heart, and heat! A must read!" - About That Story

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Fangirl Down was pure RomCom goodness and I loved every second. Do you have a favorite romantic comedy? Let me know!