Book Review: Blitz by Devney Perry

After meeting Toren in Coach, I couldn't wait for his story... and it did not disappoint. I loved everything about him and Jennsyn coming together and their sizzling chemistry. Blitz gave me all the feelings! Exceptional story!

Book Review: Blitz by Devney Perry
Blitz (Treasure State Wildcats #2) by Devney Perry


forbidden, small town, sports romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry.

A coach. A student. The rules were concrete. We broke them anyway.

The night I met Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lie. He was a Treasure State football coach. I was the star of the volleyball team. Coaches and students were forbidden. My future was on the line, so I told myself it was only one night.

That was the first lie. They got easier to tell after that. The lines blurred. The boundaries shifted. Our relationship became a game of its own.

A chaste smile. A knowing glance. A veiled touch or a hushed kiss. We hid in plain sight. We were invincible. Or so we thought. Neither of us saw the blitz coming until it was too late.

Game over. The night I left Toren Greely was the night I learned how to lose.

5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved Blitz! There was such an incredible build as Toren and Jennsyn came together. I loved learning about the night they met and how their relationship developed. There was so much feeling, longing, and building sexual tension between them, a want and need that I could not get enough of. It was entertaining and sweet and emotional with just the right amount of heartache and heat mixed in. A truly fantastic story!

Toren and Jennsyn were remarkable characters. I loved how the night they met was presented throughout the story. I looked forward to those sections and couldn’t read fast enough to get to them. I loved their chemistry, every glance and smile between them meant something and each one had so much feeling behind it. They pushed boundaries with just words and looks but I could feel it all and was filled with anticipation for them to get together. There were so many great moments as they got to know one another and their feelings grew. I loved Toren, he was such a good guy doing so much for his family. I instantly liked Jensen and couldn't wait to find out about her past. There were excellent hints along the way and I loved the development of those details as it all unfolded.

I thought this was well crafted, I loved the descriptions, thought the pace was spot on, and I felt excited while reading. I was just really pulled in the entire time and inhaled the story. I loved how it overlaps with the first book, Coach. I was thrilled by the hints that were given for the next book Rally and instantly added it to my TBR. There is an age gap involved, something I’m not normally drawn to, but I trusted the author and loved how she set it up. I thought it worked perfectly for the story and their personalities. There was light tension and angst involved, but nothing that stressed me out. It just had me turning the page because I couldn’t wait for Toren and Jennsyn to get their HEA.

This was an exceptional story. I loved Toren and Jennsyn fighting their feelings and getting to that one moment where they knew it would all be worth it. I love a story that makes me feel and Blitz 100% did just that! My heart is happy!

Complimentary copy received.

Blitz by Devney Perry

Book Review: Blitz by Devney Perry | About That Story
"Every look and smile was perfection. Loved this!" - About That Story

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