Review: Rock Me Two Times (Rock Band #1) by Dawn Ryder

Rock Me Two Times

Rock Me Two Times (Rock Band #1) by Dawn Ryder



A partnership with the hottest new rock band, Toxsin, is a major opportunity for Kate's small custom leather shop, but she's determined to resist her burning attraction to the lead guitarist, Syon Braden. Sex is a commodity in his world, and that's just not enough for her. Or so she thought.

With the multiplatinum success of his band, Syon thought he had everything he'd ever wanted…and then he met Kate. He knows that sleeping with her could distract him from his music and even interfere with his close bandmate friendships, but despite all this, Syon just can't seem to keep his mind—or hands—off of her…



3 out of 5 stars

I thought this was a good story, entertaining and super hot!

I thought Kate and Syon were interesting characters and I liked them for the most part even though they drove me slightly batty and didn’t have a lot of depth. Their relationship was kind of crazy with lots of ups and downs. They had a super instant start to their relationship, extremely so, but I did enjoy their chemistry. It was hot for sure (way HOT!)... and I'm a fan of a good sex scene and there was a lot of them (which I normally don’t mind either) but I didn’t feel like they always made sense to have so sometimes it was off putting. I was curious about the overall story and how things would turn out, I liked where it was going so I hung in there and I’m glad I did. I enjoyed it but at times Kate and Syon’s back and forth issues got to be kind of monotonous.

The thought the writing was good. It was entertaining and fast paced. At times I felt like some things were glossed over and kind of jumped from one thing to the next so it didn’t always flow well for me but I still found it enjoyable because of the storyline.

Overall, light, fun and super sexy! It was good but I had some issues with it. It made for a nice, fast read.



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