Review: The Flirtation (The Submissive #10) by Tara Sue Me

Get ready for a fun, hot read! I totally enjoyed this. Another excellent addition to The Submissive series. Want a sneak peek inside of The Flirtation? Check out an excerpt HERE.



The Flirtation 

The Flirtation (The Submissive #10) by Tara Sue Me 


Tara Sue Me’s New York Times bestselling Submissive series returns with an irresistible erotic romance…

Lynne is happy working as Nathaniel and Abby’s nanny, but after they invite her to a group BDSM meeting one night, she realizes how much she’s missed the D/s lifestyle. She had a brief relationship with a Dom, Simon, but she’s never quite gotten over him breaking up with her. After the group meeting, she goes online to BDSM message boards and is surprised to find Simon is a frequent poster—and even more shocked at herself when she creates a secret identity and strikes up a conversation.

After messaging with a mysterious submissive online, Simon forms an immediate connection. As Lynne and Simon’s D/s relationship grows in intensity, Simon pushes to meet. But can their relationship survive after the truth is exposed, and Lynne’s identity is laid bare?


4 out of 5 stars

This was a hot, fun read! Simon and Lynne had a super entertaining story, great chemistry, a few ups and downs, and a lot of heat. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I was immediately all in right from the beginning. I liked both Simon and Lynn and the situation Lynne created for herself. It was kind of crazy but super entertaining and I was pretty much waiting for that situation to implode. I really liked Simon, he was sweet, sexy, and oh so hot! I enjoyed Simon getting to know Lynne again and the connection they had. I enjoyed learning their histories as well and watching them them reconnect.

The writing was great with really good details. I was excited while reading. I liked the undertones of heat happening while everything was building. It was a fast past, hot story with a nice amount of drama mixed in. Steady throughout, enough character development to have me invested. I enjoyed the storyline even though Lynne created a stressful situation for herself. I like the dilemma that created for Simon however, it added a nice bit of tension. I loved the mention of some of the other couples from previous books, which makes me want to go back and read their stories. When everything blows up in Lynn's face, it was a bit anticlimactic for me but I still enjoyed it.

All in all I thought this was a great read. I loved the heat. The drama. The bits of crazy and intenseness. It was a solid second chance romance to lose myself in and can't wait for the next one!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.




Tara Sue Me wrote her first novel at the age of twelve. It would be twenty years before she picked up her pen to write the second.

After completing several clean romances, she decided to try her hand at something spicier and started The Submissive. What began as a writing exercise quickly took on a life of its own. An avid reader of all types of fiction, she soon discovered she enjoyed writing a variety as well.

Tara lives in the Southeastern United States with her family, two dogs, and a cat.


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