Book Review: Nightchaser (Endeavor #1) by Amanda Bouchet

I’m so excited to share my first review of 2019. I’m starting it off with a bang too, Nightchaser was action packed fun that’s not to be missed!



Book Review: Nightchaser (Endeavor #1) by Amanda Bouchet | About That Story

Nightchaser (Endeavor #1) by Amanda Bouchet 


A delicious new heart-pounding romantic adventure from USA Today bestseller Amanda Bouchet!

Captain Tess Bailey and her crew of Robin Hood-like thieves are desperate and on the run. Pursued by a vicious military general who wants them dead or alive, Tess has to decide if she can trust Shade Ganavan, a tall, dark and arrogant stranger with ambiguous motivations.

Shade Ganavan had oodles of arrogance, oodles of charm, and oodles of something that made me want to kick him in the nuts.

What Tess and Shade don’t know about each other might get them killed…unless they can set aside their differences and learn to trust each other—while ignoring their off-the-charts chemistry.


5 out of 5 stars

Action packed, adventurous, sexy fun! What an exciting and fresh story with an amazing cast of characters. An excellent introduction to a new series, I can't wait for more!

I loved Tess, Shade, Tess’s crew, and the entire cast of characters introduced. They were all so fantastic! Tess is so strong and determined and I loved her kick ass, stand on her own, take on life at full force personality. She's got a wonderful crew with their own stories and very distinct personalities and I really liked the family they've formed. Shade was fantastic! He’s cocky and sexy and a bit challenging and had a great vibe. He and Tess meeting was awesome! It was flirty, bantering fun at its best.  I liked learning about him and understanding the predicament he was in. Shade and Tess had such a great attraction and I loved that pull in the midst of everything that was going on.

I felt so sucked into this exciting adventure with these determined and slightly broken characters and I was on the edge of my seat learning all the details. Set in the future, I loved all the technology and intricacies introduced about the time period. There's a lot happening, a lot of action and drama and some serious heart-stopping moments. It had this thrilling build as everything unfolded and developed, and Shade and Tess came together.

I am truly excited for more in this series. There's definitely an HEA for Tess and Shade but the overall storyline continues and I can't wait to see where it all goes!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.


Book Review: Nightchaser (Endeavor #1) by Amanda Bouchet | About That Story


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Book Review: Nightchaser (Endeavor #1) by Amanda Bouchet | About That Story


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