Book Review: Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy #1) by Lorraine Heath

Texas Destiny was an exceptional read! If you want to get lost in a story (and series!) I highly recommend this one. The Leigh brothers are nothing short of amazing. :-)

Book Review: Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy #1) by Lorraine Heath | About That Story
Texas Destiny (Texas Trilogy #1) by Lorraine Heath

He’s fallen for a woman . . .

Anxious to meet her soon-to-be husband, Dallas Leigh, for the first time, mail-order bride Amelia Carson is en route to Fort Worth, Texas. When she steps off the train and locks eyes with her betrothed, she immediately feels drawn to him. But the cowboy standing before her isn’t Dallas. Instead, Dallas’s brother Houston has been sent to accompany her on the three-week journey to the ranch where she’ll begin her new life.

Who belongs to another . . .

The war Houston Leigh fought has left him with visible scars, a daily reminder of his cowardice on the battlefield. Denying his intense attraction to Amelia, he is determined to deliver her untouched, as promised. But during their long dangerous trip, he can’t help but admire her inner strength and fearlessness. And when she looks at him—as if she can see beyond his scarred face and read his innermost thoughts—he loses his heart to her. Now as they near the ranch, Houston must choose to remain loyal to his brother—or find the courage to fight for the woman he’s convinced is his destiny . . .

5 out of 5 stars

This story was simply amazing. I felt instantly connected to the characters and loved their heartfelt and beautiful journey. From the moment I started, I was completely enamored and the world around me melted away. It was an exceptional story!

I immediately fell in love with Houston and felt for him. I adored Amelia and this mix of innocence and strength she had. She was challenging in this quiet way I adored. I loved them meeting and learning about them as they travel together. Houston was wonderful, so quiet and gruff, falling for this sweet woman, thinking he doesn't deserve her and they’re in a situation where she's to marry someone else. I loved Amelia's fighting her feelings against what was right in front of her and what she was obligated to do. It killed me because I wanted them to be together but it made for this touching love story as feelings grew and emerged.

There's a bit of drama and a whole lot of heart and love. Houston and Amelia were in a complicated situation but it felt so real considering the time period. I loved meeting his brothers, Dallas and Austin. I found Dallas intriguing and loved how in charge he seemed. A part of me didn’t want to like him because of the situation but I couldn’t help myself, he was such a good guy. I loved the issues that Houston and Dallas were working through and their bonding moments.

I can’t begin to explain how brilliant I thought this was. The dialogue. The build. The descriptions. The moments that made my heart flip. The excellent character development. The incredible build. This was filled with incredibly sweet moments, heart-wrenching ones, and playful ones too. It was a well-rounded, really entertaining read.

Texas Destiny was a beautiful, well-written story of love and healing and finding your true dream. I highly recommend it!

Book Review: Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath | About That Story

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After I read Texas Destiny, I binged the other two books in the trilogy and read all three in a row. I can't remember the last time I did that but they were just that good. I wasn't ready to let the characters go, they were all just so amazing. I still need to read Texas Legacy, which is a novella set years in the future after the other three books had finished. Hopefully, I'll get to that soon. :-)

 What's the last series you binge read? Let me know!

Book Review: Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath | About That Story

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