Book Review: Her Wicked Marquess (Sinful Wallflowers #2) by Stacy Reid

From the characters to the story and to the wit and intrigue, I loved everything about Her Wicked Marquess! This book consumed me. It was exciting and intense, and outright entertaining to read. Find out more details and read my full review below. 

Book Review: Her Wicked Marquess (Sinful Wallflowers #2) by Stacy Reid
Her Wicked Marquess (Sinful Wallflowers #2) by Stacy Reid

Miss Maryann Fitzwilliam is too witty and bookish for her own good. No gentleman of the ton will marry her, so her parents arrange for her to wed a man old enough to be her father. But Maryann is ready to use those wits to turn herself into a sinful wallflower.

When the scandal sheet reports a sighting of Nicolas St. Ives, the Marquess of Rothbury, climbing out the chamber windows of a house party, Maryann does the unthinkable. She anonymously claims that the bedchamber belonged to none other than Miss Fitzwilliam, tarnishing her own reputation—and chances of the dastardly union her family secured for her. Now she just needs to convince the marquess to keep his silence.

Turns out Nicolas allows for the scandal to perpetuate for his own reasons… But when Maryann’s parents hold fast to their arranged marriage plan, it’ll take a scandal of epic proportions for these two to get out of this together.

5 out of 5 stars

Her Wicked Marquess was phenomenal! It was exciting to read with all the twists and turns and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I loved the drama, wit, passion, and intensity!

Maryann and Nicholas were fantastic and unique characters. I loved Maryann so much and how she was going after what she wanted and trying to put herself out there to get the life she deserves. She's bold, bright, and fearless. Nicholas is quite devilish and not at all what he shows the world. He's smart and methodical, and definitely a man on a mission. I loved learning about them, their motives, and their plots. I was completely fascinated by Nicholas' need for revenge and all the layers involved, it felt very cloak-and-dagger at times. I loved how he and Maryann met and the tension and intrigue between them. I loved their push and pull, their clever dialogue and verbal sparring. These two could be playful and teasing and it made for a lot of fun. It’s like they had a passionate game of cat and mouse happening. The build to them coming together was amazing and I hung on every word. I was filled with so much anticipation for them to get together. When sparks start to fly, it's intimate, raw, and real.

I couldn't stop reading because I needed answers and was excited about what was going to happen next. There were so many I-didn't-see-that-coming moments, it was awesome. I loved the different aspects happening, Maryann battling for her independence, Nicholas’ need for revenge, and them together and how it all connected. I love the layers, development, and the build to all of Nicholas's secrets as well. It was fantastic when everything came together.

The writing was wonderful, descriptive with great details. I thought this was incredibly entertaining and witty with the perfect mix of emotion and heat blended in. I loved Nicholas sharing, trusting, opening his heart, and moving forward. And that ending! The intensity of it, the drama and action, it was gripping.

From beginning to end, this story consumed me and I couldn’t put it down!

Complimentary copy received from Entangled Publishing.

Book Review: Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid | About That Story
Thank you Entangled Publishing for the finished copy of Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid.

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Book Review: Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid | About That Story

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