Book Review: Blind Tiger by Sandra Brown

I was so excited to dive into Blind Tiger by Sandra Brown and it did not disappoint. Get ready for murder, mayhem, and greed in this historical thriller. It was all-consuming and I could not put it down.

Book Review: Blind Tiger by Sandra Brown | About That Story
Blind Tiger by Sandra Brown

The year 1920 comes in with a roar in this rousing and suspenseful novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown. Prohibition is the new law of the land, but murder, mayhem, lust, and greed are already institutions in the Moonshine Capitol of Texas.
Thatcher Hutton, a war-weary soldier on the way back to his cowboy life, jumps from a moving freight train to avoid trouble . . . and lands in more than he bargained for. On the day he arrives in Foley, Texas, a local woman goes missing. Thatcher, the only stranger in town, is suspected of her abduction, and worse. Standing between him and exoneration are a corrupt mayor, a crooked sheriff, a notorious cathouse madam, a sly bootlegger, feuding moonshiners . . . and a young widow whose soft features conceal an iron will.
What was supposed to be a fresh start for Laurel Plummer turns to tragedy. Left destitute but determined to dictate her own future, Laurel plunges into the lucrative regional industry, much to the dislike of the good ol’ boys, who have ruled supreme. Her success quickly makes her a target for cutthroat competitors, whose only code of law is reprisal. As violence erupts, Laurel and—now deputy—Thatcher find themselves on opposite sides of a moonshine war, where blood flows as freely as whiskey.

5 out of 5 stars

Blind Tiger was a seriously fantastic, all-consuming read. I was completely fascinated by the time period, the unique and intriguing characters, the deceit and deception, and all the thrilling details. I loved the little twists and the amazing build as everything played out. It was well thought out and clever and I loved it all.

Thatcher and Laurel were excellent characters and I loved their wonderful slow-burn romance and attraction. It had the best build and I couldn't wait for them to get together. I loved Laurel and the hard predicament she found herself in and the perseverance and strength she had to survive. Thatcher was captivating, sweet, and caring in a quiet alpha way. He was a hardworking man wanting to get home and then everything went sideways. I liked the fact that these two really had to go through hardships and evolve and their relationship wasn't instant. I thought they had a beautiful romance and love their growing chemistry and passion.

The story is filled with corruption and greed and murder and I found it all absolutely mesmerizing. There were so many working pieces and players and I enjoyed the intrigue and deception. I loved the tangled web of the moonshine business and found it fascinating. I loved the colorful cast of characters, the different POVs, and all the different connections that were happening between them, it was well detailed and thought out. There were so many fantastic scenes filled with drama, action, and tension and I loved all the details and hints of what would happen next. I was super excited when all the dots started to connect and things started to unravel. It was intense, sometimes brutal, and sad.

This is my second Sandra Brown book and I have to say, I'm happy I found her and am delighted I have such a large backlist to look forward to. She's an instant favorite. From beginning to end I thought this was a thrilling story!

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Book Review: Blind Tiger by Sandra Brown | About That Story
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I love finding authors where I instantly connect with their stories. Who's the last author you read and loved and they became an instant favorite? Let me know!

Book Review: Blind Tiger by Sandra Brown | About That Story